Spiritual Farting

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Spiritual Farting.


June 29, 2011
Hmmm? Spiritual, conscious people don’t fart with unconsciousness except in front of God. Without further hyperbole on the merits of the so called ‘spiritual’ nincompoops, here are places to watch your redneck manners to not fart (especially loud and smelly):

•In the dentists chair
•At the public library
•On stage as an actor in a play
•When having oral sex
•On a bus or subway
•In a supermarket line
•As a cabdriver expecting a tip
•Upon meeting for the first time while shaking hand either as a greeting  or goodbye.
•On a first date
•In church while sitting on the ‘pew’ (now you know why they call it a pew!)
•When scolding a child
•During interviews for a job
•At a funeral
•While giving a speech to an audience
•During medical anal examinations
•In a Restaurant
•In a Hair Salon or barber chair
•When first meeting ‘lovers’ parents
•As a teacher in front of a class
•On an airplane
•In your first attendance at a Mosque
•As a preacher in the middle of a sermon
•Police lineup
•While a fashion model walking down a runway
•In a silent meditation group
•Anytime in front of anyone at anytime

Any animal can ignore propriety, and create uncomfortableness for others. To be spiritual, is to let go of all concepts and activities that serve no one but the false self. There is no answer to living that works in the end other than love. Awareness of consciousness brings a love that can resonate with all of life. The risk of life is to miss the infinite opportunities and moments. Love the self, and yet realize that the self is an illusion or hot air. Enjoy the space of love – it’s all their really is, and exists beyond the self. On the road to, and of love, be open to laughter! Let go of the ancient guidelines, there are new better ones are in place, and increasing to make the availability of a more conscious life for all. A little fart once in a while never hurt anyone. All love begins with you!

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