After the Love

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After the Love

July 3, 2010
Love grows after it ends. Love, or the remnants of it, need not be just parked in some junk yard. Real love goes to the depths of a mutual feeling that reverberates endlessly, and infinitely beyond the word, and the endless banter of one saying they know love when it’s like a swimmer proudly announcing his skills that were only shown in a plastic pool of the backyard. There is an ocean of love where all pretensions are lost in the aloneness of everywhere you look, love is there, everywhere.

Never get in the way of the flow of love from within or from without. The ‘in and out’ make up the magic circle of love that replenishes and deepens itself. Endings are the beginning of a new, and deeper dimension of love no matter how the ending occurred. Love manifests itself in infinite ways but blossoms anywhere, especially where it has been. Find love anywhere, from within to the stars on a clear night that give the ever so small twinkle of love that’s always there waiting for you to enjoy it’s eternal ever ready presence. Those same stars were there for those who came thousands of years ago, and will be there for others thousands of years into the future, perhaps in your return somewhere, sometime, somehow.

You might say, ‘What’s the difference’? Night and day are in the same place but, as you know, different. Will life grow in the dark. When the heart is dark, cold, scorched, impervious to love, and filled with thoughts of unresolved issues, or unhealed, it doesn’t feel as enlightened as when the stars are visible on a clear night. Love felt never cancels itself out but finds ways to express itself with compassion for the other. Always remain open lovingly, and be willing to repair any damage that you may have initiated with another. The one who closed the door on love needs to be the one to open it for a new ‘love growing’ connection, but perhaps in a different way.

After the love, comes an incredible opportunity to push through the walls of conditioning, and beyond the mask that hides the true, divine inner nature we all have. Taking advantage of ‘love’s closure’, and doing the loving thing of giving to the other is to begin a new deeper state of love. Love never has an end, and the beginning is always ready to start, new and fresh without boundaries.

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