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April 22, 2011
You are either in the dark, the light, or lukewarm, and in the shade where answers are hard to see. Most of the world is in the twilight zone having little clue beyond what they think they have about who they really are, and what’s going on to put them into the illusion box of beliefs, doubts, and fantasy’s. The world in part’s of the West has become a fantasy, and for entrepreneurs who know they can make money on it. Theme parks, lottery’s, casino’s, sports arena’s, Hollywood and it’s illusion machine, politicians, broken or crippled marriages, and religious salesmen all are in it for the money. Of course, it’s more than that as there is some enjoyment to it.

‘Skating on thin ice’ is the way of the day. Hoping, dreaming without looking, and getting the true insights into life and love. It’s a technological dream world, where inventions are falling from the sky. Even today, I received an email where you can put your picture on the internet, and ask it how you will look in 20 years! There is no guarantee that you’ll be here later today, let alone 20 years!

I grew up with the major human breakthrough of the ’60’s and ’70’s where, after thousands of years, people were free to love more than one person, and far deeper with experimentation. Unfortunately, along with it came many other things like drugs to allegedly enhance the experience of evolvement into an enlightenment rarely seen before. Of course, those chasing the ‘what money can buy dream’, only saw that side. Then the downside came, but wait, ‘big pharma’ came up with a drug for everything to continue the ‘dream’. The ‘dream for the ‘shadow dwellers’ continues to be gullible to infinite sales pitches while putting off of finding the reality of how they are apart from all the ‘dream catchers’ catch for attachment.

Challenges keep increasing, and gobbling up the energy needed to focus on building the inner life of love. None of us are, in truth,  just the movie goer, sports fan, gambler, addict of this and that, and yet that’s who most have come to see themselves as, or at least how the outside observer sees you. Slipping and sliding in the ‘twilight zone’ of illusion leads to slipping into the dark side of love, and life away from into the light of positive, conscious living. Counting on a God, while not being a full time assistant, is walking into the dark. Every step toward the light not only enhances you but all of life. You owe it to life to light your life up.

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