Woman’s Choice

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Woman’s Choice


April 24, 2011
Let women be free to make their own decisions. Men have made it a violent, non compassionate, greedy, and fearful world. If men could get pregnant, abortions would be as popular as ‘viagra’ to assist man’s pleasures. The question of abortion has been a driving force for conservative politicians, and ‘religious salesmen of ancient holy book dogma’. Guilt is the ‘stick of mind manipulation’ that is used to shape behavioral patterns. Anti abortion people are hypocrites as most people attached to a religion are.

Hypocrites because they yell ‘murder from conception’ of a life without ever acknowledging that they are using a ‘radical spin of word meaning’ to justify their judgments. In discussions with these people, it immediately goes to ‘bottom feeding’ finger pointing. I’ve yet to find one who calls abortion ‘murder’, who will take any responsibility for calling millions of women who’ve had abortions as being a choice for their personal reasons, ‘Murderers’. There is no murder if there is no murderer! Murderer’s are tried in a court of law, and if found guilty, incarcerated or set for electrocution, hanging, lethal injection or in many cultures where judgment is of the crowds, stoning.

‘Stoning’ a woman for making a life choice is murder. Jumping up and down yelling ‘murder’ while paying taxes to murder others in wars or even because of greed in not providing sufficient protection from man made or natural disasters, is pure ignorance and hypocrisy. The list of contributing factors that people accept to create early deaths are infinite, and yet with this one subject, millions are injected with a ‘poison word’ of ‘murder’.

The God of Western civilization hates women! The ‘man made god’ is an illusion that has ‘nothing’ to do with what the word really signifies. Whether freedom of speech or freedom of choices, we are hopefully evolving into an image of godliness. Until there is a developed human brain in a woman’s creation she has the choice to make a heartfelt decision. The human you create today is different than the one you’d have created a day later. So not to worry about you never having been, you might have even been a better you! Who knows?

The old god’s way is fear, ignorance, guilt, greed….. on and on. The new godliness is for consciousness and freedom of choice with liberty for all. Be pro life, and allow all women to choose for their life and love. It’s no longer just a man’s world, but a woman’s world too of freedom and choice! rhata

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