Love is Mathematics

Love is Mathematics

June 1, 2014

Your love experiences, beginning from childhood, can be put into a numbering system that is as accurate as can be. The ‘mathematics’ is a resume of where you’ve been, and a good barometer of where you are now, and in all probability where your future will be should you remain as you are, or connecting with someone in the future. Not everyone cares of course, but for those who want to jump on the spiritual path of love, it makes a big difference to compare yourself with where you’ve been with love, and what you can envision as a potential.

Most people are satisfied with a practical, somewhat workable relationship which can still have it’s many rewards. However, the more ‘conscious driven’ to experiencing the limits of love’s depths will want to reflect on where they have been in terms of love, what’s to be potentially experienced, and what needs to be done to rise to reach the available potential that is anyone’s opportunity.

Much can be said for those who maintain one relationship for life regardless of the quality. However, particularly in the West, many experience multiple relationships throughout their lives with the experiences to hopefully grow from. The outer and inner limits of love become part of those experiences as a ‘spiritual path’. Knowing another’s (and yours) ‘love resume’ experiences, in term of ‘quality’, will be good to know, particularly before entering a relationship, or early on for what to expect. What a person has experienced using a numbering system will have a significant indication of what to expect in the future in terms of love and harmony.

People who place other objectives higher such as security, financial gain, survival mode, or in most cases, people just don’t know, are not going to benefit beyond the love they experience unless it becomes their most important, passionate objective. All of life, including love, can be measured and quantified for quality be it in school, sports, job, or love experience. There is nothing that can’t be measured using some agreed upon set of mathematics. Love may be an elusive, hard to define phenomenon, but all differences in life are measurable for quantity and quality relatively. The days and nights, the tides, the timings of the moon and planets are all predictable. Love no less. Less light of love, then expect more dark, unpredictable days that equate to self abuse as well as abuse even in the face of love. Darkness only fades in light of the lightness of deep, unconditional love. Do the love math, and seek the depth of lasting love.

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