Number One Priority

Number One Priority 👆
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 December 27, 2019

Love and trust are ‘fickle’ ! ‘Dovorey no provorey. It means trust but verify’. And that’s the policy that has to be followed… er, most of the time with most people. I cited Demosthenes, who said: ‘What sane man would let another man’s words rather than his deeds tell him who is at peace and who is at war with him?’” A mistake upon a mistake is more than ‘double trouble’.  Love is rarely not cancelable as is trust.

Love and trust are ‘beliefs’. A ‘belief’ hides its other side called doubt by definition. A good mother or father are beyond beliefs for love or trust. Both ‘love and trust’ are beautiful happenings and not subjective conditional perception. The ‘sun’ is not a belief – no need to trust that it’s real even if it’s a dark night or a cloudy day. It is not necessary to also trust a good mother or father, it just is like the sun, always present even if hidden.

Life is varying degrees of a ‘crap shoot’, but more predictable if given acknowledgement of and paying attention to best opportunities with everything. Like there is a ‘reason for the season’, most everything also does have a reason. Leave a vegetable garden filled with weeds and  erratic care will not produce the quality results of those who keep it weeded and properly cared for to see best results. 

Number one priority in life simply is ‘life’. Everything needs survival to exist, however only one living thing among the billions has been  given unlimited abilities that can be fulfilled, and not necessarily ‘out there’ but within you. Be more than than a house while knowing that you are a house that needs to have a home within where ever life takes you on this journey that took millions of years and lives to make it here! Hang up the past and invite the knock on the door of what’s now with awareness.

In deep love making, yesterdays and tomorrow’s cease to exist as everything is now in the moment, and just today. Missing those moments, meditation acts as a filler of the tank of love that is in your heart.  You will get there when you are meant to get there, so relax, breathe, and be patient. We are all like the beginning of a flower where the most beautiful one was in the best environment. The ‘best environment’ is within you. Toss out negative blocks that take too much space of time, and you will blossom. ‘When the student is ready, the teacher  appears.When the student is truly ready the teacher disappears.’ Lao Tzu