Maximum Security

Maximum Security
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April 7, 2015
Will you buzz me in? Maximum insecurity is the mother of ‘maximum security’, and there’s a lot of sheltered people in the world who put up walls to keep you from finding out why they are so fearful. If someone doesn’t like public speaking they will go to wits end to avoid being in any situation that presents a possible chance. What people are not good at in infinite possibilities is protected by fear,  non common sense, or an unconscious little voice from within that doesn’t want the boat rocked. 
The ultimate punishment for an alleged criminal is to put them in maximum security. Its both punishment, and to keep them away form all interaction. With inner emotional expression, feelings are locked away in the dark for fear of possible consequences learned from childhood’s negative conditionings. When someone in that condition comes into any position of interacting with someone or ones, they react in any number of ways unconsciously or seemingly out of  their control. Recently I had one young man here who had suffered unknown abuse as a  child, but couldn’t communicate in meaningful ways, even when he was told that his problems were seriously annoying others. His agreement to that was a robotic ‘yes’ and then he would continue with habits that no average person would do.
I’m closely familiar with a young, bright, beautiful woman, raised in a rich foreign environment with everything at her request, but again certain things were abusive and damaging in her childhood to cause her to go into frequent screaming situations that exacerbated the environment to the point where others are less than cordial. In both cases, it’s an unconscious device to keep anyone from getting close.
A cake baked either too much or not enough will give an unpleasant experience to anyone who later tries to eat it. We are fragile creatures that when very young, embed whatever happens to us positive or negative. The negative needs to be owned by the sufferer, and understood why unpleasantries happened, and that it was not just because of them, but unresolved issues coming from the parent or caregiver that leaves them in the dark for how to deal in love even with a tiny infant. Then there are the issues that the ‘avoider’ carries with them that cause further issues particularly when they meet up with another with unresolved issues, or even anyone who is inexperienced with dealing with this type.
Professional help is always encouraged and/or with forms of meditation to open the heart and disengage the mind more from why it was necessary to put ‘maximum security’ around many forms of communication. Always, healing thyself is at the forefront of ‘freeing’ the barnacles of the spirit to begin before enjoying life’s gifts of love. Time to shift the paradigm from who you think you are to the real you!

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