Marriage Boot Camp

Marriage Boot Camp

November 16, 2019

The ‘bonding and merger of two souls’ whether in marriage or otherwise is an expression of harmony and godliness. It is truly the ‘breath of the divine’. Positive soul merging is a secret to life, love, awareness, discernment and all beauty under the sun. In the military, new recruits go through an arduous preparation to be ready for their duties to protect their country from outside disturbances contrary to the safety of its citizens. Rare is the new soldier prepared. Marriage likewise has few prepared for the ensuing love snarls that usually are unavoidable. Going ‘scuba diving’ with just a face mask doesn’t work for long. 

Marriage and partnering is a great opportunity to raise consciousness through learning how to meet all challenges, and yet be open to experiencing becoming a new being by letting go of all past learned barriers that block experiencing life’s greatest gift of coupling into the highest peaks of life and love. Being an artist of love and all characteristics of it is a quest of intelligence. Never is one again alone when full co-creating takes place, here, now, and beyond this dimension. 

 Two minds and hearts beat as one with no limitations. Even in sports, the team that is in synchronicity is the team that shines most. Two or more individuals acting in hidden harmony accelerates the quality of possibilities. It’s like two heads are better than one. Suffering is caused by  a disconnect within and with the whole. In a sense, the disconnect becomes a disease or dis-ease where physiological or psychological suffering appears. The key is one’s ability to adjust back to a harmonious positioning. 

Meditation is to help the mind to regain harmony and a deeper love. Weak love usually does not have the strength to make it grow into a deeper expression as the mind is not in harmony with itself. Meditation is like an exercise to rearrange the broken mind and spirit. Actually the ‘spiritual’ comes of it’s own accord, but harmony within allows the attraction. Harmony in the mind allows the heart to be fully available and vulnerable to a deep feeling of love. 

Nothing is more precious than the liberation from a life of being at the whim of inner disharmony that is so stereotypical in society of inner struggles needing harmony. We all have response-ability to seek and find the harmony that exists hidden within. Be yourself, but open to find, see, and be the higher realms within that are there. Life has it’s boot camps in many areas, but dealing with each in the most proactive energy to the next levels, makes life and love to be of far more rewarding. 


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