Make Happy!

Make Happy!?

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 March 1, 2019

Be authentic and always be in your heart no matter the circumstances. HappIness is a feeling on a sliding scale spectrum of many emotional and mental possibilities. Being happy is to be ‘ok’ with whatever life is encompassing for you. To be happy is positive, but there are more feelings which are higher, and of course encompass happiness. Exuberance, excited, thrilled, euphoric or an overwhelming love, all have happy within them, but ‘happy’ may not have them within. Happy is to be ‘satisfied’. 

No longer in the ‘new world’ of fast acting changes is it productive to be just happy in complacency. Lurking in life are many emotional and mental spikes from anger, pain, self doubt, infinite hurts, fears, griefs and more. Each individual is able to handle them differently depending on their balance internally including self love. To avoid inviting in and nurturing the love that rests in the heart is to allow you to be unprepared for life’s uninvited and unwanted challenges that are inevitable.

Situations that are problems are not the problem, but it’s your attitude toward them that is the problem. There is a Latin expression, ‘Pro tango quid retribuamus’, which means – having been given so much, what will you give in return? You’ve been given life at the most opportune time in the history of the earth that billions  before you could only wish to have been in your place regardless of the prior challenges that have been bestowed upon you. Your fates are predetermined, but with at least a modicum of choice given to you. How you use those opportunity choices, opens the doors to fates that are responses or reactions to them. Having spent many years of watching people acutely, I can with confidence say that most chose their fate or predetermined path very early on, with little variation in direction as the years go on. Be honest with yourself, and be positive with that honesty.

Life may not be recognized as a ‘spiritual battle’, but it’s real as is the choice to give much energy to always be rising in spirit or just ride what happens. Most select different variations of complacency, causing back and forth rowing against the tide, then floating with where, and what ever it takes them. Ask most if they are happy, and it’s the ‘thing’ to say that they are. Ask questions like: are you excited about life, fulfilled, in deep love with yourself, equipped to best handle all that comes your way, positive or negative, and do you give back to life frequently? Sadly those qualities are often lacking in those who claim to be happy. One way or the other your answer to raising the qualities of happiness might be, try to ‘Make Happy’ at least two persons daily. But, make sure that…One of them is YOURSELF’!

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