Love Your Neighbor?


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Love Your Neighbor?
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 October 19, 2017
Very risky! Love a stranger? We’ll, that’s how we all started to love beginning from mother and father (if he was ever around). This ‘love thing’ is rarely not a serious misunderstanding or misinterpretation. Love gets thrown around more than the word ‘god’, which no one can really define other than trying, and always missing the mark. Moments of love happens for everyone here and there, even (I suppose) for a casual friend who visits my free speech display regularly. Harold is a middle age, always dressed in black, genius for what’s going on in the world, sound bytes creativity, and an amazing artist of black and white gothic comic drawings. However, as Harold said yesterday, ‘there’s not been a day in my life when I’d like to push a button and end it!

Harold hates himself! Should he love his neighbor as himself? I think not. There has always been ‘food rationing’ somewhere in the world, but ‘love rationing’ is a serious disease that spreads itself world wide. Couples purportedly marry for love, and find most everything ‘BUT’. The endless cycle of walking on eggshells of communication goes on and on. Love your neighbor when your house has eyes that surely sees that love is ‘fake love’ within it, and not enough to spread around? Some even decide to love a neighbor of the opposite sex more than the one they are committed to at home. It’s called, ‘improper use of loving your neighbor.  Of course, not to forget someone you work with.

Be a paradigm shifter and start a trend that could go viral – first love yourself by cleaning out  the closet of your damaged mind, and heal. Don’t think you’re so smart to think that there is not a solution or doable way. Time spent commiserating is time that could be spent ‘brain washing’ to clear out the demons and attachment to negative memories. Shed limiting beliefs, find their inner voices, release inhibitions, forgive the past, and embrace new dreams. Seek deep profound connections that ripple through the soul.

A greater universal currency love ‘current’cy) generates energy. Moreover, in a non-monetary society, the magic of manifestation is everywhere. Indeed, when we don’t depend on money or negativity as a means of exchange, the Universe provides in miraculous ways that are medicines for the soul, and illuminating palpable messages of love.
We are all one soul in reality, but with different challenges from the beginning days. People who saw you in your first year of life felt love, the same love that you’ve hidden away. Be a prospector for that hidden gold, you can be sure it’s there! Time to stop letting positive common sense being on a dark holiday.