Blame Frame

Blame Frame
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 December 22, 2018
Someone has to take the blame! Or, do they? To ‘frame up’ is to provide fake evidence or to ‘setup’ the act of framing someone, that is, providing false evidence or false testimony in order to falsely prove someone guilty of a crime or situation.  Generally the person who is framing someone else is the actual perpetrator of the situation. A significant ‘amount of frame up’ may happen unconsciously or without deliberate ill intent.  

People put ‘frames’ around you that may have nothing to do with who you are. but who they are, resulting in clouding their perceptions, be they negative, apathetic, or positive, etc. The ‘frame-ups’ come of course in all varieties In the whole spectrum of from the most negative or non applicable to the most positive. The positive can turn into a false expectation on the others  part where they ironically blame you for the perception when they initiated a false judgment that may have been positive. and then a complete reversal takes place with another false judgement. 

The most ‘controlling of behavior frame up’ is a ‘frame down’ where you are your own worst critic or enemy, unnecessarily blaming yourself for what ever occurs in your life. Also, it’s best to not get attached to other’s frame ups of you that have little or nothing to do with how you feel about yourself without being open to looking at what anyone’s view of you is, right or wrong. 

There are people who are unhappy about everything. There is no frame in the actual sky, no bars, but the prisoner who is sitting inside you needs to see that they are the writer, director, actor, and audience. Each can shut themselves in a prison. They can only see the sky through their small window and then see it through the bars in the window. That small window will limit all vision of 360º. Man’s understanding can be completely wrong when he is not of clear heart and mind. Understanding may be right within the limits of looking through the small frame of things. Understanding through a small window of vision rather than seeing everything is the ‘booby prize’ of life. The blame game on others or yourself is just that, ‘a game’. Life is real when you are free of all attachments to ‘framing’ of yourself, from others, and from you doing the framing of what is outside of you.