Smarter than You


Smarter Than You! 😜 
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The world ‘shakes and teeters on the verge of destruction’, while its inhabitants, from top to bottom quibble over who’s right and wrong, ignoring that more love decides that there is much beyond. We are all blessed and picked to be here at this extraordinary moment in time to rise and shine above the waves of obstruction that thwart our journey to a more promised land that is here now. Those loved ones who’ve passed to the other side are watching, hoping that their efforts to make this opportunity to fly above the ages of sorrows is a clear path to a new superconscious planet. 

The lids on truth are smothering our ‘blackmailed’ leaders into nothing but helpless followers.

The sun can’t shine when our portals of hope and social advancement are addled in darkness and deception. It’s time to shut off the distractions from truths and see that we are the  apathetic sleepwalkers who have kept the shades of truth closed to create the stumbling and pains for the gains of the individual and collective over and over again.

The ‘birth of a new dawn’ is within each who steps into the light of the opportunities that are now before each of us. We are each limited in more ways than not to be the answers to the journey into a better world, and yet each of us  is unlimited in someway to have the gifts to open windows of light. We all have the debilitating darkness and ignorance within but together, seeing and accepting each’s gift of contributions, we rise in unison to be the ‘second coming’ of life that creates a heaven on earth like never before. We all know little, yet each of us knows more than most in individual endeavors. 

Tomorrow is here now. The past is now to accept and rise beyond with the positives, and let go of the negatives. The future is here and now. The chains of mediocrity are unlocked for freedom to choose how best to use the opportunities to rise to the occasion. Throw out the old, and make room for the new. Change of the ‘chains of habits that we all lug like a ball and chain’ can drift away and open the answers to a new way. We are all smarter than we think as long as we know that everyone else is too. The ‘hit of the moment’ is ‘you’ seeing the truths within. 

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