Days of Wine & Drugs



June 30, 2021

These are the days of censorship, political incorrectness, and ‘words that trigger’ unnecessary reactions & judgments.  Maybe those were always here, but covered up and now exposed due to technological innovations. Because of this, these are the times of forgotten ‘Days of Wine & Roses’ by Henri Mancini from a more innocent time of the early ’60’s. That being said, I’ve come up with my own list of ‘trigger names or words’ that need to have a ‘let go’ of attachment to negative reactions enabling a more spiritual time to begin: My sometimes shocking censored (?) selection:

RACIST; RACISM; bonehead; numbskull; idiot; knucklehead; moron; meathead; jerk; turkey; imbecile; loser; nutcase; screwball; joker; shit head; fuck head; fuck face; killer; bubble brain; hayseed; schmiel; do do; redneck; pothead; nitpicker; cornball; dope; asshole; bastard; cock sucker; birdbrain; moose breath; couch potato; schmuck; sheeple; brat; bimbo; lowlife; fucker; scum; scumbag; space head/cadet; air heard; skitso; simpleton; batty; glutton; man eater; robot; candy ass; twitter brain; nerd; geek;  psychic vampire; dipsy doodle; tweaker; psycho; battle ax; scatter brain; dingle berry; creep; scoundrel; tripper; stray dog; pig/piggy/piglet; ugly; numb nuts; melon head; hair brain; bitch; egg head; son of a bitch; cunt; prick; bible thumper; noodle brain; meth head; goofball; nincompoop;  cracker; pea brain; nigger; yo yo; wacky/whack job; basket case; hooker; bozo; lunkhead; porch monkey; jungle bunny; simpleton; fag; hypo; low life; bottom feeder; lunatic: dweeb; du-fuss; dork; Mamby pamby; ding-a-ling; sourpuss; goober head; jackass; cockroach; loggerhead; mealy mouth; fart head; sweat hog; beetle brain; drama queen; wind bag; douche bag; ditsy; dimwit; blood fart …

So many more… No word should control your ego negatively, nor should anyone have to walk on eggshells wondering what can be said or not. There are hundreds of languages and dialects with an equal amount of words that have been ‘control words’. Life is best knowing how to live in the ‘wordless heart’. Always remember, ‘words are just sounds’ and someone speaking another language only hears what amounts to a non decipherable ‘sound. Judgments are really against yourself.

In being ‘more spiritual’, clutter in the mind, even if trauma memories, is not the highest spirit of you. In unlimited past lives, likely most everyone has experienced traumas that they even clung to throughout life, that could have been healed through the use of the mind and heart techniques that are more available now than ever before. You are in charge of the inner you that is no less than your best friend and perhaps more. Always, seek to let go, sometimes it’s instant and sometimes things have a reason to take longer. You are a miracle, and on a ‘clear day, you can see forever’. Let the mind be that consistent ‘clear day’ and be the ‘days of wine and roses’! 
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