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June 20, 2021
Do you have an invisible barrier to hide behind from who you really are, and cloaked in denial because of fear of rejection. Perhaps it could just be just an unconscious protectiveness from what ‘broken’ or damaged things are within. The ‘firewall person’ usually doesn’t have a ‘firewall or tongue tourniquet’ about outer things that they are knowledgeable about including ‘outer experiences’. However your inner experiences need not be put in a closet to be forgotten, or even more to be avoided and denied.

Many often, to avoid exposing their true nature and feelings, put up barriers that amount to evading exposure of their life’s resume. In a way, it becomes like a ‘prolonged adolescence’. Life need not become a slow quicksand where you age into immobility. The body ages, although less than it does for many, if your attitude is to live with what inspires growth within as well as without. Each is ageless, but susceptible to imaginary control self evaluation that stimulates either growth or only deterioration. Critical ‘self thinking’ for the best choices of the many before you is a ‘best choice’ for inner growth to a more positive, useful, and joyful life.

Do you worry about the unknown, uncertain and unpredictable future? Stop worrying about it,  and start trusting life a little bit more.Trust that everything that happens, happens for your growth and is an opportunity to find  something that will enhance your life. Trust that life knows your potential and it will nurture you. Help it along by seeing and knowing that. Trust that life works for you and with you, no matter how things work out. Trust your future and this may help you to make the most of life as it happens.

Like a car stuck in the sand or snow, the car gets unstuck because of intent, examination of how to right the wrong, and motion (emotion) to move on. We are all running out of time. Why run in place with no direction? Everything will be alright if you wake up and start moving into the way of the light. Wake up and don’t be a milquetoast and slip into an eternal sleep.

The greatest fear in the world is the opinion of others. The moment you are unafraid of the crowd, you are no longer a ‘sheeple’, you become a lion and a great roar arises in your heart and that is the roar of freedom. Arhata~
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