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Islam Best Religion


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June 10, 2021

There is ‘no comfort in the truth’, and this is one! The last major religion to survive, I believe will be the last of the Abrahamic religions consisting of Judaism, Christianity, and lastly, ‘Islam’. Others may say Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, etc. Actually, it doesn’t matter. There is a new religion already here in its infant stages hidden in plain site. People are ready for it, but they just aren’t of the mindset to move away from the churches, temples, and mosques that are run by well meaning administers who bring the words of god by whatever name to billions of people.

It’s not wise to suddenly take people out of the rural country of say 100 years ago and suddenly put them into a bustling modern city of different rules, regulations and expectations. Life is and will always have mysteries hidden from all eyes. Why are we here, what’s it about, where are we going after death? Why is there such trauma? On and on. 

All religions are man made (no women) for the people of the times who needed allegories, parables, and archetypes to have moral guidance, optimism, hope, promise of an afterlife, etc.  Also, they were/are  control devices of the people (major). Still most are of the mindset of people hundreds, thousands of years ago, and they still have a purpose now.  There are of course many truths in all religions,  but many falsities and bullshit also. As one evolves and sees another way of seeing the same thing with more clarity, religions will slowly disappear and holy books will become museum pieces. Not time to throw the baby out with the water! There is beauty in all religions but mixed with a lot of statements that need better usage of words, ie., King David was a Muslim is a perception that is ‘feel good’ for Muslims while not so for normal evolved Jews.

The good news is no one ‘has to’ change their belief in their God or holy man. Beliefs have meaning and will continue. It’s good to know though that all beliefs come with doubt by definition. One should have strong ‘faith’ in their beliefs, without that beliefs are weak.  One can be blinded by religions if there is no questioning. Love or religion best experienced is from a clear heart and open mind. The scriptures are in the loving heart.

Most carry the burdens of unresolved issues which inevitably, like a changing weather day of sun, clouds, and showers, need belief that there will be days of comfortable sun.  There may be a rainbow of hope, but a clear sky within the heart and mind lets the sun of love and the ‘Sun of God’ shine in. A mind and heart of meditation knows that regardless of systems of belief, there can be a godliness and a savior in the heart regardless of how the holy books describe them. Positive Prayer and Meditation are roads to knowing the new religiousness. 
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