Methodical Delusion


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April 21, 2021

THE GREATEST ‘DELUSION’ is not seeing that you are a beautiful being, but for the persistent piling on of negative experiences that you choose to be part of who you think you are, but are not in reality. Moving you into your ‘real self’ is a process, and always one that take intent as well as seeing who you are at the moment with assets and liabilities. Those assets and liabilities do become so fastened to who we think we are to be a point of both being liabilities for letting the light in to see who you really are inside.

Routines and habits (R & H) need to be examined as to being the best you can live with everyday or not. We don’t live in a world void of others. Ask how those R & H’s affect others, especially the one and/or those you are closest to. Every moment be mindful of focusing on the art of harmonious positioning yourself with all. Leave all aspects of life as you found them, at least, and frequently think about leaving them better. Make choices that are pleasurable for you and others including knowing when to be close to another, or in a positive balance. People who  are mindful of self evolvement are the best choices to bring into your life.

Life is an opportunity with everything. Sometimes that opportunity is  mysterious or invisible, or is not coming in to awareness in the moment. Most people, in spite of the hidden gem within, are either useful, or useless idiots waiting or set to evolve to be ‘morons or more-on’ than those staying idiots. Top of the idiots are ‘super idiots’, for example politicians or those accomplished in the material world according to some arbitrary standard of assessment. The ‘more-on’ has started seeking the answers to life as well as the inner evolvement of themselves.

The pinnacle is for ‘being’ human, or arriving at being a ‘human being’. Today that means a superconsciousness being in the light, and that light is within. It has been called ‘enlightenment’, which has no basis of measurement. I prefer the term ‘lovenlightenment’ which is more measurable by measuring the algorithms of the past into a ‘resume’ at the moment. Everyone has the opportunity to evolve their inner being into the lightness that brings more joy and bliss to themselves and the world they daily encounter. Your ‘legacy’ is leaving the world having been the best loving human being you could be.


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