Trust, Trust?

TRUST! Trust? 💕 
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March 27, 2021

While ‘stepping on moonlight, trust that it’s harmless. When a woman really loves a man and the man loves her the same, is ‘trust’ really necessary to say, ‘trust me?’ It’s not necessary when the love and commitment is deeper than the deepest ocean or as endless as the limitless sky. To trust is to convince the mind that you are safe to get what you expect. Not everything can be trusted on how you want its outcome. Trust without examination of probable outcome can be a ‘flip of the coin’, and if wherever it lands doesn’t make much difference then it’s ‘teflon or immaterial trust’. 

Trust is from a family of like words with slightly different meanings like ‘belief or faith, and even hope’. None of those is ‘knowing’, but instead a ‘gamble’ of word intentions. Knowing is beyond all conjecture. We know the sun is there everyday regardless of cloud coverage. We know everyone dies and that the body isn’t permanent. It’s a better use of time in this ‘exposing information era’ to dig deep to see what is real from fiction. Deep love is not fiction  and always remains through life and beyond.

Only when you cannot distrust have you come to the core of your being. You must first trust  yourself. You must have a deep trust in yourself. Trust your intelligence. Trust is not necessary if you know, k and only that what you think is real, you can choose to trust. Trust is conditional based on strong common sense reasons to assume you know the outcome…or you trust your judgment. Trust like belief, implies a certain amount of doubt but less than belief. Of course, you are more safe to be right if the need to trust is not necessary.

Love in its depth does not need ‘trust’ if you trust yourself, the other is also you. Trust them to be what you want them to be, but real love goes beyond that need. Love is a dimension of trust until it becomes your very breath. Real love doesn’t need trust in its’ highest dimensions. Those who go on say, ‘I love you more and more’ suggest that love is incomplete and must be trusted to always be there. Real love does not know any quantities as it is a quality, and one beyond explanation or need of trust. That is my experience. Knowing doesn’t need trust. Any flicker of doubt needs trust. Open the heart, let go and trust whatever is, and it can be your love beyond all thoughts and need of faith or trust. Trust is of the mind. Knowing is of the splendiferous open heart. Deep love gives and receives with no conditions.


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