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God Dam🌻
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 March 18, 2020

No one escapes God, or that which is inferred. God doesn’t need to be precisely defined, as that leaves out the experience of God. The word is one of many to attempt to put a face to the ‘harmonious positioning’ of all. God in the mind can only be believed, and where ‘doubt’ always exists. ‘Knowing’ has no doubt. God is a word to convey life and love in one of many languages. The experience of being ‘harmoniously positioned’ is a non verbal, experiential feeling of being in tune with the unknown elixir that is manifested as the ultimate expression. When a blessed experience happens, an invisible experience of godliness/perfection can be felt as overwhelming. It is your knowing, and beyond words.. To ignore harmonious positioning experientially is sometimes to sleep with the devil, or that which is less than what can be.

The descriptions of God are infinite, but all miss the mark. Anthropomorphizing God is merely an attempt to put a face to that which misses the mark. You either know or not. ‘Not’ has degrees of belief short of knowing and  actualization. Be open and let go of obstructions in the mind, heart and experience. Words are merely fingers pointing to that which can be known. Get up inside of love, but yet know that the heart can be deceiving.


Whether you believe in God or not does not matter that much. Whether you believe in Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, etc., does not matter that much. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not does not matter that much. You need to choose always to lead a good life. And, that does not mean good food, good clothes, good shelter, and more than moderate use of healthy pleasures, and at no one else’s expense. They are not sufficient. A good motivation is what is needed. That must include compassion and love of self as well as of others. No need for dogmatism. and/or complicated philosophies. Be just understanding that people are your brothers and sisters while respecting their rights and human dignity.

Why be tendentious and block the marvels of life? ‘Damning it’ is to block the negative and open the dam for the positive to flow. Walk away from that which doesn’t add to your life, or at least see it as an opportunity to learn and use the best choices to deal with whatever it is. Certain things poison your soul. Focus and have the courage to see your mistakes and fears, and choose to fix them to enhance your life experiences. Walking away from that which poisons your soul makes for a healthier life. WE die only once but we live every day.


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