Prisoner of Your Past

Prisoner of Your Past 🆘 
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 February 4, 2010

Never Be a Prisoner of the Past – so important to see if one is seeing life through unclear glasses. Life has enough challenges to be carrying on with challenges from earlier times that we sidestep in hopes of avoiding their entering our decisions. The attachment to anything that bothers us year after year MUST be detached from to better see the love that we really have buried deep inside. The blessing is that the methods apart from religion are there ‘tried and true’.

Things we do, be they physical, mental, or just in relating to another are a reflection of how we see ourselves. Everyone can be rich right now and here. It all depends on how you perceive rich. Most equate it with money and possession. Rarely with that comes the riches within except in the mind of the material rich to justify their accumulation. However, it’s better to be rich than poor with little quality values within, especially if ones outlook for whatever reasons is weighed to the negative. Being poor or rich with questionable inner qualities is to miss the pulchritudes of life. 

Rich, poor, or in-between, life in the physical sense has an expiration date. The rich feel little need to be experiencing their inner peace with needed emotional and spiritual qualities while feeling the tradeoff with that which   just can’t be traded. The addiction to the material is more seductive than letting go and walking away into the sunlight of a more meditative, loving life. My experience of this also was in NYC where I lived on the 40th floor with a balcony overlooking Central Park and the skyline of Manhattan. I could see and feel living a more quality, spiritual life of giving to others was being compromised and ignored as my style of living was set to reach for higher material plateaus. Time to stop fighting the voices in your mind, especially making friends with the weak and negative ones.

The accumulation of ‘toys’ is seductive but ultimately empty. In my world in Manhattan, it seemed like everyone else was following the same empty addiction. In a sense, poor or rich we can also be a prisoner of the attachment to the future.  In both cases, letting go of either and pursuits, be they just keeping ‘afloat’, acquiring more and more, or self abuse equating to fighting with a poor self image that hasn’t been let go of is like a hamster spinning in a round and round cage. We imprison ourselves in myriad ways outer and inward. Why be a prisoner life a round and round cage without stepping out to follow in inward journey that gives back to life’s present of being here now at this special  time? Anyone at anytime in life can take a journey to inner riches with the many meditation techniques available as the vehicle. The hidden key to being free of the inner prisons is in your heart. 


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