Ignorance is Bliss

Ignorance is Bliss 🤷‍♂️
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January 22, 2020

This is the age of knowledge and knowing all that makes your life better! For those in control of many parts of life, your ignorance is bliss! For the cheating husband, the wife’s ignorance is bliss. There is a price to play for ignorance of what is likely to be revealed later. Ignorance of what you should know for your bliss may be a blessing, but knowledge of the odds of ‘hindsight’ that would have made you more aware for ‘being glad’ that you sidestepped discomfort is preferable. 

This is the age of fast pacing technology, and with it ‘snooping surveillance’ to make a buck for corporate profit with little regard for selfishly contributing to the befuddlement of the masses. The masses are a petri dish to manipulate, dominate, and control for greed without necessary control or conscience. There is an arrogance of to hell with consequences as they obfuscate, misdirect in engineering our ignorance with mechanisms and methods that are undetectable, indecipherable – and if confronted, they deny it. Deny it for as long as possible until they habituate you.

 Automating behavior for corporate profit seems to be a trend that needs  public control. “You are intended to be in the feeling of being served, you are intended to be saturated with convenience, so that you will not notice and you will not complain and all of this shadow operation will remain hidden because you will not ask questions because you’re so busy being entertained.” I see it in front of me everyday as I’m in the public square with my free speech displays.

Big tech is growing with lightning speed.  I say it with a little humor but one day, a wife may even be able to have a monitor on her husband to track his every thought especially if he shows any desire by looking at another female let along engage inappropriately with one. In that way, no more ignorance toward feeling all you need to know to see if ‘love can be trusted’. Denial can be a cheap cover up for ignorance. 

Ignorance of who you really are beyond the issues that cling to you, and unresolved, should be at the top of your list to lift the veil on. Another important one, that can be helped by knowing yourself is the dilemma which is relentlessly part of life’s challenges – How do you handle people who’ve mishandled you? Time to move above the ignorance of mishandling yourself to instead rise the an appreciation of where you are at now, and then journey to be the best you. As much bliss as possible is your right. 

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