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December 6, 2019

Why do people make the same mistake over and over? Great question. Surely they don’t believe they are doing it. Maybe they think that this time I’ll do what was a mistake better next time, and in a case where prison looms for not making it better, they try harder for the rewards that they seek, and think they can get. Troubles and mistakes are always on the way if you are not vigilant and as much as many can be avoided, some pop up anyway.

Had a participant in my Yesss Meditation Center who robbed a bank by giving the teller a ‘slip of paper’ to ‘give him money’. Got caught and went to prison for 3 years with parole. Within 6 months of release, same thing, and 3 years with parole. After that time I met his parole officer a couple times at my free speech display on the Venice boardwalk. By this ‘out of prison time’ Rob (perfect name!) was in his late 30’s. Rob had told me that prison wasn’t that bad. When I told the parole officer that, he said many inmates feel that way (probably in the  minority though).  Rob seemed like a pretty ok guy in spite of this unusual penchant, and he would come by with positivity on the boardwalk everyday to spend a few minutes. No hint that he hadn’t learned his lesson. Three months later, being free ended when he robbed another bank in Santa Monica. His parole officer told me that after he did it he was caught by the Feds eating lunch across the street at an Arby’s! Have never heard from him since. I do believe he didn’t think he’d be caught, but who knows. Repeat offenders of anything seem to believe they’ve learned how not to do whatever and fail perhaps. 

Why did notorious pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein continue his pedophilia? I imagine he thought he could do it ‘better’ and not get caught. He thought the rewards (sick of course) for him were worth the challenge. I believe many (heterosexual) males are driven consciously or unconsciously by the need for more sex, most of them being unfulfilled and/or dealing with their perception of rejection. Of course, unresolved issue from childhood have to play a part.

The human mind seems conditioned to always make a mistake corrected by being better rather than walking away. When looking closely at each individual, one can see the same traits (leopard doesn’t change it’s spots) as they are comfortable with (of course that applies to people who are not trying to correct a bad habit but continuing good ones). We all have the opportunity to love ourselves ‘deeply’, but few find that experience beyond their misperception of what that is. Love has NO fear in it. Loving that has fear hidden in it is not deep love.

The world, at this moment, is being ‘exposed like never before’ as being in a people turmoil that resembles a drunken, drugged state of collective chaos. It makes no sense that ‘you’ need to live a life reflecting that when all the ‘tools’ are available for you to have a life of opportunities for a blissful, joyful life. It’s your choice to perpetuate the mess or to be part of rising above it and giving your hidden ‘riches’ within as a gift back to make it a better world.


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  1. Arhata, you told an exciting story. Whatever actually drove that Rob to rob the banks, it is reminiscent of the imp of the perverse described by Edgar Allan Poe in his eponymous short story. One’s will for self-distruction seems irresistible at times, unless one is aware of oneself and a weird suicidal urge. Rob must have felt he would be caught, and couldn’t help but to go for it.
    Thanks for this thought-provoking and real-life account about a mess some poor fellow has been driven into. Or rather, has the fellow allowed the mess to happen to him?

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