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November 12, 2019

We as a human race will find peace and harmony when we individually and collectively find the balance between an open heart and mind. Today, the mind toting along it’s negative and corruptness rings the bells of senseless discord in tattering hopes of a new opportunity here and now. We are on the precipice of that happening at this once in life times of dawning of communication as never before. Will it happen or will the dawn turn around to meet a dusk or starless night anytime?

Really, it must happen with each of us first, and hopefully ignite a whole new life where love comes out of the dark to enlighten all. Within the word ‘impossible’ are two words of answer – ‘i’m possible’! One light in the dark will find others who are asleep in the dark but willing to see the light and light their mind and heart. A domino effect starts with you, be it imperceptible in a  slow but deliberate opening in letting go of the shackles of the past while climbing into the light of a new, healthy, freedom of life. 

Intelligence is beyond intellect or even the intellects lack of it using common sense, awareness and discernments of the best choices for the heart in life’s journey. Love in the mind may be a start to love in the heart but the heart must reach a fullness that doesn’t leak into an empty heart or a heart that sleeps while the mind chases the ‘unnecessary’ desires that are really ‘popping bubbles’.

Humanity has become like weeds, making the opportunity for a garden of an array of flowering blossoms almost invisible or impossible. It may sound a little odd, but with ‘weed’ by any name, smoked by growing millions, is a false high bypassing the suppressed negative unresolved issues to be let go of naturally. Cheap answers to a more real open heart are not to be found from a mind blocked from letting go of what really opens the heart.

Avoidance of emotional pain that is actually a healthy release of any of life’s traumas is to bury it further and constrict the hearts feelings that we all need to enhance consciousness and wisdom. It’s selfish to not reboot yourself by letting go, opening your heart to vulnerability and focusing on a you that doesn’t just tell others to accept you as you are so they have to walk on eggshells to keep the peace. Most everyone needs to be mindful of changing what and who they’ve become in interaction with those close to them. Changing into a better more conscious you is both for others understanding and pleasure as well as what is your divine potential to be the best you.


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