Desires of Love

Desires of Love❤️
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 November 7, 2019

Pretty single women unknowingly often become ‘Sirens’ like in the ancient Greek Homer’s ‘The Iliad’. Mermaids sit on rocks during a storm, singing and luring wayward sailers to them only to have them crash into the rocks in their desperation for a beautiful woman. It’s all an illusion for neither are they ready, or the mermaids either, for a meaningful connection. Looking for what one hasn’t found in themselves is folly that appears as desperation, but desperation in search of love is only to crash into those rocks. The females are the mirror of the wayward sailors – neither is in a position of harmony with love in themselves other than in their ‘mind tricks’. Love is mostly fools gold for those in search.

 Best to go shopping in the ‘five & dime’ store until willing to let go of all the ‘wanna have’ a partner cloaked  desperation, as well as the denial of that. Life has Karma – what’s been put into you in the past, beginning in childhood, becomes permanent without a deep house cleaning, and letting go of mind’s ‘floating flotsam’ that keeps bumping into and blocking real, deep love. Loving ‘anything’ outside of yourself will only cloak the real deep love that awaits your letting go and letting the heart be filled with a total vulnerability and willingness to throw all attached to visions of desires to be cast to the wind.

Blaming poor parenting is to miss the point! Your parents came from parents with unresolved issues and they from parents of the same and they from parents of the same. On and on, and sometimes worse! YOU are blessed to be here now where more is available on to how to correct and let go of early psychological issues like never before in history. YOU truly are the new man and woman that a patient god has waited millions of years for. Time to take the bull by the horns and be done with any obstacles of the past. Always be letting go! Make meditation one of the tools to reboot and detach from the ‘thorns’.

Bringing unresolved barriers to the bedroom of love is to have a ‘crowded bed’ akin to a very used car held together by prayers that it will survive the next part of the journey. Extreme makeovers, for to move one above the majority of bottom feeders of love is a reaching to a spell of God. Translated – to be all you can be within the depths of love where God, life, and you work best. The lights of positive life and love are here for the taking. The real you is as perfect as a human can be – you just have to know that and do what it takes to ‘know who you really are’. The lights are on!


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