Positive Chameleons

Positive Chameleons👎
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 November 2, 2019

People who change colors like the reptile lizard, or better put, change personalities on a dime are chameleons. Everyone has a wonderful side as we are all born with innocence and purity. Sometimes we genetically inherit behavioral traits good or bad, but most likely the way we are is the result of our early environment…and untouched by correction, if needed, for a balanced positive, healthy being. Chameleon people use their unregulated personas to engage people in a way that they think serves them, but upon closer look doesn’t, and certainly not those they encounter regardless of ‘happenstance’ occasionally moving like turtle poking his head out of the shell of darkness. 

Chameleon people have hearts from the desert always looking for a ‘water hole’ to fill the heart with love…or at least, it’s a better use of positivity to do so. Many of this ‘type’ have a knack of making any moment as a Halloween nightmare with imaginary provocations or triggers that ‘clicks’ them into a Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde demonic possession where they taze the innocent  with their venom. These ‘types’ charm others into their mind nest, and sentence them to unpredictable abuses from mental, emotional, spiritual and in every way possible.

The good thing is, many of them have a nice and worthwhile side that  may well be sometimes more positive than others, but who are actually living more thoughtful positive lives. It’s always wise, to never let the negative have control over the positive. That may involve repositioning yourself to never fall into the trap of the chameleon’s web of negativity that can have a powerful  ‘spell like’ power to drain your positivity into the darkness. These seemingly nice people are vampires of energy that feeds them by initiating flaming words, gestures, etc. to provoke negative reactions in their otherwise innocent prey (which is you). 

Chameleons always change but rarely for the better. On the positive side, everyone can change if they accept what needs to be changed and dedicate every moment (with outside confirmation) that they are indeed being fully mindful of what needs to be done to make those changes. They have to see the problems, accept them as real, and make the passionate dedication to letting go of old habits to be replaced by positive ones. Diamonds are coal as are as people. While on Earth see the blessings all around and know that you are one of them who is a diamond within! Be a rare type diamond that is called a ‘chameleon diamond’ that changes into beautiful colors. It’s all a choice, and of  course, if you are already a ‘diamond out of the rough’, you and the world are and will be blessed!


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