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October 24, 2019

It’s a great day always to be prosperity minded. Surely you’ve heard the expression that it’s most important to be rich within rather than devoting your life to an ‘accumulation life’? I left Wall St. after 20 years as a millionaire, but wanted to be a billionaire. Now that I’m a billionaire, I’m still looking to be a mega billionaire, although perhaps I’m already? Hard to know? (Of course this is allegorical)

How am I making my fortune? What’s the secret? Can’t really say for sure. Part of it was being detached from the accumulation of the material and unending satisfaction of getting more and more to the point that it was always about ‘dissatisfaction’. You who begin a genuine attention to the values within are also becoming ‘rich’. Seeking material wealth doesn’t leave much time for the inner jewels of life.

Now to be a billionaire the ‘old fashion way’, there is continuing stress involved and little if any time to smell the roses that a paid gardener has labored and cared for. Once in a while, between rushing here  and there, an old man passing by can be seen smelling the roses like he has nothing better to do, but he likely is a loser and broke with just enough to get by on? 

HE who dies with the most toys loses them all anyway. You who die with the most love and detachment from the toys, lives on in the hearts of many who can ‘see’, and for yours – and everyone’s continuing journey. There are no toys on the ‘other side’ of this world is my guess, nor any value to possessions of any kind, including the billions, unless the ‘riches are within’. Does it say otherwise in any of the ‘holy books’?

Fears are important like fear of the practical being a good idea that takes common sense to make a decision about, like when crossing the street or even leaving the street ‘like Wall St.’., not the imaginary,  Being a ‘loser’ of economic accumulation is mostly to lose the awareness of who you really are deep down inside where the real ‘billions’ of heart energy’ lives. What ‘society’ says is winning is mostly ‘losing’ who you are. You’ve heard of ‘selling your soul to the devil’? Reason I left Wall St. was the accumulation of riches was becoming enough while the inner not so important. The devil is ‘attachment to desires’, and they lead you down the path that gets darker and darker. Always be climbing to the light. After all it’s ‘free’, and billions won’t buy it! Smile and enjoy life making it a passion for living and loving! That’s prosperity!


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