Mistake Need Retakes

Mistakes Need Retakes
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October 11, 2019

Sometimes, we are misinformed or misled in our life’s mis-sions. Most of us entered the world starting from a mistake, but weren’t one of infinite ‘nature’s abortions’ commonly called a. miscarriage.  I did. So far, most all have benefitted! Mistakes are often perceptions that are misperceptions sometimes coming from misinformation and then misappropriate, mishandling of what’s missing in the total picture.

Now, often something creating negativity in the life of others can be a mistake for the perpetrator or even self misguiding for the receiver/taker/wounded.

Many make mistakes because of one or more of ignoring the ‘7 Deadly Sins’, and sometimes when involving the one making the perceived ‘mistake’ the ‘taker or receiver’ is caught up in their own web of deception due to eager ways of benefiting regardless of rational thinking resulting in a ‘self sting’.

 Life has many dimensions and ways of looking at things from negative ways to positive ways, and due to  the perceived cultures of the times. We often miscalculate so it ends up being a mistake in terms of the ‘karma’ that can whiplash back. Mistakes come with an opportunity to re-evaluate the situation, or erase and ‘do over’. Not all mistakes have do overs as one who dives in a swimming pool from a diving board into shallow water. 

Always, missing deep self love is an antidote to have within to avoid crossing the line into the deep pool of the ‘7 Deadly Sins’ (8th one is ‘Acedia’ or apathy). Do not be attached to ‘wanting’ but from the heart of love for all involved. The biggest mistake is for everything not to be seen as a possible mistake. Each of us is the writer of our ‘script of life’ – with to make a choice of inclusion of Godliness like ‘awareness, discernment for the best positive choice’, it’s certainly best to redo a ‘mis-take’ or goof, the right way. Always it’s time for a new ‘retake’ in the ‘script of life’!

Commit as many mistakes as possible, remembering only one thing – why commit the same mistake twice? Drop all fears and move into deep love. That is the real spirit of God. That is the only spirit. We may love the wrong person with love as a fantasy, but one thing is certain,  being conscious of mistakes helps us find the right person and/or path. Your past mistake are meant to give you direction not define  you! Love is the goal, life is the journey! Mistakes come with opportunities to rise above them, we just need to see and take them. Mistakes are proof that you are trying.


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