Sleep & Waking Up

Sleep & Waking Up!🎼
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 October 1, 2019

Most living life is in reaction, from the blades of grass in the wind, to the animals in the forests, birds in the air, fish in the sea, and sadly most people living day to habitual day with a smidgeon of excitement or unpleasantness here and there. Never has there been a more exciting time to be alive and see that of all living life, we as humans have been given every opportunity to wake up and choose to live both in the inner self and outer more than ever before!

Sleep is a good and important non activity to refresh oneself for a new day and a new dawn. However, existing in a life with little concern for the infinite, positive opportunities, no matter how small, is to live in a semi sleep of just survival. Waking up is to see everything you do as an opportunity to open the doors and windows of all that life has to offer for the asking. Most people when asked if they are happy, stumble for a few seconds in their mind, and say ‘yeah’. Ask  them if they’re excited about what they do, and likely a ‘not really’ is the answer. 

Life is best lived with a passion, and a passion to make a difference both in those dependent upon you, and those who are open or not to your giving inspiration to them to move through the day. That giving to others is just to be sensitive in all responses wherever you are at. Be passionate about being the best ‘you’ in all aspects of life from inner you to the outer you.

Never has ‘waking up’ been more important than now. The opportunities to being more informed have been exponentially ratcheted up to unprecedented speeds with technology and information for improving all walks of life including techniques on how to raise individual consciousness and mindfulness. Every journey starts with your decision to make that journey. Going everywhere to see and experience infinite things on the outer journeys in life, but to miss the ‘inner journey’ of self realizing the beauties within in is to miss life’s real gifts of godliness and love. The good news is – the best things in life are all free! Let go of the idea of becoming someone because you already are a masterpiece. Now all you have to do is share that blessing with others.


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