Vampire of Positivity

Vampire of Positivity  🤔
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 October 9, 2019

Negative is here to stay! However, so are the positives that are like love, though not always easy to see and experience. Many wonderful (?) people have frequent moments of exposing their unresolved issues to the next closest person, who may be you or me. One of the pertinent questions is, ‘are you a vacuum cleaner’ that attracts the ‘undesirable’? Negative people need help and often the more positive reach out and unknowingly are vampired unconsciously by those ‘under the positive line’ of behavior’. To make matters more complicated, most negative people draw you in with harmonious reasons only to fall back to the uncomfortable negative, much like a fisherman who lets the line out, pulls  it in, lets it out, and ‘you’re hooked’… and abused.

In my late teens, I came up with two words that everyone can use to keep to the more positive… ‘Harmonious positioning’. On a cold night while camping with a bonfire going, it’s best to enjoy the comfort when not too close or too far away. One way will burn you, the other  you will freeze. We live on a planet that is ‘harmoniously positioned’ to the sun. Closer or further away is so negative that life would disappear. The seasons, tides, days and nights are all set perfectly for the blossoming of life. Love works in all degrees from a natural, unconscious appreciation of what or who we encounter to a deep merging with another, and of course having that with ourselves opens up that possibility. 

Bliss is beyond words or scriptures, but in finding that place of merging in communing for maximum experience. All negative is to be controlled, by first seeing it and then moving away from it where the positive in you flourishes. Most people are ‘frenemies’ who are your friend one moment, while the next – it’s time to ‘harmoniously reposition’ yourself to keep the harm energy from entering your positive energy. 

Had an ‘enlightened’ friend who was wrongly jailed for a week with 5 others. His deduction was the ‘enlightenment’ disappears in those moments to merge with the collective of the inmates. There are times when we seem trapped in a negative place where only staying alert, prayerful, and meditative can  help ease the negativity away. Always a heart with deep love, beyond the words ‘deep love’ but in reality, is the ‘garlic that scares away the negative’. Always, be moving to  the light and the best of visible choices.


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