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OverthinkingĀ šŸ‘€
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Ā September 24, 2019

Of all the species lives that occupy the earth, only humans can appreciate having the thinking ability, but with it comes the reverse of being in the mind too much while ignoring the peaceful heart. The mind is a huge asset, but can become the enemy both from not enough thinking, negative thinking, and overthinking that amounts to ā€˜non stop thinkingā€™. We each have to remember that ‘we are far more fortunate than billions who are alive now, and so many who’ve passed on hadā€™.

I just watched an Interview by Amy Goodman of ‘Democracy Now’ with Jennifer Harbury, a human rights lawyer on US role in the Refugee Crisis, with harrowing stories of some of the illegal refugees – truly giving a more sympathetic understanding of many of their situations such that we must be thankful for how ‘blessed’ we really are as so many suffer in trying to just survive.

‘Overthinking’, especially about our own perceived dilemmas, really is a stumbling block to seeing the positiveĀ Ā opportunities that await our clearing the mind and allowing in positive thoughts and experiences. 3 days ago, at my free speech displays downtown, an 83 year old guy, who looked pretty good for hisĀ Ā age, opened up about himself to reveal a very fascinating man who had suffered great hardship. He opened up when I said, ‘it’s hard to tell what nationality you are’? He said he was born in Bombay, India with one parent being Japanese! He was also a US Army Vet and had served in Vietnam.Ā Ā Further revealing he was a prisoner of war there for 3 years, and pulled out a photo of him looking like a skeleton saying that being imprisoned here was mostly a ‘cakewalk’ compared to his prisoner of war situation. Over the years, he received 2 purple hearts! Recently some stranger said to him, ‘go back where you came from’. He said nothing, but it reminded him of not judging a person especially when you have no idea who they are!

Inspite of his hardships, I could see and told him, that his soul energy was very strong, and that he would have many more years to live (he said to 105). Quite a story and one that demonstrates- letting go and moving on in a positive direction!Ā We always have to look for new opportunities and yet appreciate what was and what we have. Life can be filled with so many blessings, especially for us that forget the millions/billions who experience far less, AND have no idea in their minds how to (if the even can) rise above negative circumstances!

Cultivate the ability to leave the attachment to the mind and itā€™s wandering ā€˜overthinkingsā€™. ā€œThe modern mind is in too much of a hurry. It wants instant methods for stopping the mind. Hence, drugs have appeal. You can force the mind to stop by using chemicals, drugs, but again you are being violent with the mechanism. It is destructive. In this way you are not going to be in control of your life. You may be able to stop the mind through the drugs, but then drugs will become your controller. You have simply changed your bosses, and you have changed for the worse.ā€ The mind is great but can be corrupted and made into a slave. Be in your heart and let it speak to the mind!


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