Lying Masks

Lying Masks

September 22, 2019

You are what you look like! Everyday is a ‘halloween’ for those who unconsciously cover up the ‘real person ’inside. Doesn’t matter if you’re beautiful or less so. For those who are more adept at seeing where another’s consciousness is, they can see a whole general story from what most people’s faces show, not to mention characteristics of general body and how you carry yourself. The eyes, mouth, expressions say mounds of information about you, and not to leave out responses or reactions to stimuli from the surroundings including others. Language is another mask that hides or identifies the real you.

The assessments are not perfect, but generally quite ‘telling’. I look for the more  spiritual-consciousness, and most always see it hidden inside those observed. Outer beauty can be deceptive, but for the eyes of experience and wisdom, little can be hidden. False self perceptions that people have of themselves are worn like a mask to hide what they rarely can see of themselves. Words that commonly float in one’s mind create an outer mask that deceives the unaware, including the one wearing it.

Years of doing free speech displays in front of literally millions, and with countless experiences from those on drugs and unlimited variable self deceptions that represent living in a body without deep self examination, I personally engaged in some form of communication with many that mostly  was a mirror of the aura they gave off. Rare is the person, whatever age and experience, that can’t let go of the negatives and have a clearer path to move to the inside of the beauty who they are really. Life has it’s challenges, many viewed as negative, but most are ‘self created’ usually by self perception without seeing them as lessons, opportunities and so forth. Everybody needs somebody to love, not realizing that no less than the best one is ‘you deep within’. It’s free and worth it! All need to give the gift of who they really are to themselves!

No one gets enough of who they really are deep inside. Always it’s within your reach, like a ‘gold miner’ has to look deep for the gold while passing by the ‘fools gold’. Looking persistently with the best sense of intelligence, and the ‘gold within’ is waiting to be found. A ‘gold rush’ is only for you to find, and when you do the heart is always being filled with love energy, and if other people are aware, they will sense it and benefit. Let the discovery of the real you of love be enough. Our reputation is internal. Remember, inside everyone is beautiful!

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