Constructive Anger

Constructive Anger

 October 5, 2019

All aspects of life are necessary, it’s how they are used. Without negative, there would be no positive and no learning. There is a time, moment, and place for all. Discretion, common sense and awareness are always the best tools. There are certain situations when love, compassion, persuasion and other techniques fail to solve a situation. In certain situations using slight anger or even terror (not too bad though) will help correct a situation where anger is not harmful.

Indeed, for a balanced person anger can be fake or an outward show. Inside you remain cool and collect. Call it artificial anger where on the outside you seem angry but on the inside, not so where you are quite controlled. Like a good actor following a script where he must show the anger the script calls for. 

In a meditative mind anger is really assertiveness, but may appear to others as anger. In a sense, it’s artificial anger. Others are quick to put their own perception of a use of strong energy as mindless anger even when the one being assertive has made the deduction to just ‘ratchet up’ the energy.  

William Blake said, ‘’Energy is delight’’ just energy, without any name, without any adjective. Whether it’s anger, hate, love, greed or desire, it is ‘energy’ – let it be pure. When it comes up in you, take the chance to experience pure energy no matter if it raises a bit of dust. Just watch and wait, soon the will feel pure energy with no name instead of moving into fighting or repressing. 

Energy is a good feeling or ‘delight’. Enjoy the emotion. The key word is witnessing or just watching any kind of emotion. Watchfulness or being alert, in awareness or consciousness, which are all just different names of the same phenomenon – ‘witnessing’.  
I’ve experienced many, many situations doing public free speech displays for many continuing years where a passerby will attempt to destroy my displays or just be threatening. Being assertive with strong sincerity avoids physical dramas. A sense of strong character, with no sense of fear and with integrity is a powerful force that works. Sometimes, I put my hands in my pockets and use a strong voice of sincerity. Recently, someone seemed quite angry, likely something he read triggered his loss of control. I used ‘soft humor’, and held out my hand to shake his, saying, ‘let’s be friends’. He melted immediately and all was well. ‘Skillful means’ are an important aid in many situations to disperse someone’s anger.

Anger should pass off the next moment or shortly as a waves subsides into the ocean. Letting go of all anger and ill will in your heart is welcoming life being back to harmonious with love

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