Worry is Sin

Worryđź‘€is Sin
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September 15, 2019

If you can release anger, anxiety is automatically released. Often we follow social mores and hold in anger, which is sometimes prudent, but when it builds up ‘anxiety’ builds. Anxiety is only human especially for practical means, like being late to work or for an appointment. When fear builds up you don’t accept it, but deny it… and anxiety builds.

Religions have taught humans to be like angels, at least that’s a common perception. When you try to  become like an angel you fall below an animal as they don’t hold back but just express it. Be more natural and express it with an awareness of your actions.

Worry is ‘superimposing the future on the moment’ – creating goals to do and feeling guilt when not met. Worry can become an obsession. Relax, be natural, and don’t create expectations that can’t be handled in a rational, easy manner. There is a saying of Chuang Tzu: Easy is right. Uneasy is wrong, easy is right. Nothing is to be gained by creating unnatural ideals. Accept yourself as you are and anxiety disappears. No need to keep up with the Joneses or be some preconceived ‘top dog’. Be open to exposing yourself and being vulnerable. There is beauty in the truth. You be the truth, and not to worry about others and what they may think of you.

That which grows is that which becomes more beautiful. Have concern. Not to worry. Be natural as it is real beauty. Self love is a preventative for anxiety. Short on self love, use preventative self maintenance for negative emotions that look to attach to you when self love is low. Meditation is a pump of love to the heart. Give it some pumps and fill the heart. Where there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.  Do what you do best, and to have courage to be yourself. Positive thinking is great but mental choices without awareness with discernment that creates consciousness is not going to create a deep self love. Thinking has limits, love has none. Don’t worry, but be concerned and always be mindful of self love. Love is the greatest freedom. 

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