Love of Money

Love of Money
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 September 6, 2019

Money is like sex. Good, and more is better, but where is the love? For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the spiritual faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. —1 Timothy 6:10. Obsession with making more and more money is also the root of destruction for governments of all forms. When people can achieve unchecked incredible wealth as civil servants, as the song reminds “And you tell me over and over and over again my friend, you don’t believe were on the eve of destruction.”

This is the bastardization of the treasures of money and wealth. This is the swamp at its finest.  Self-serving at best, killing us bit by bit at worst. Speaking of ‘treasures’, it is the spiritual way to seek those treasures locked within. The outer treasures pale by comparison as inferred in this scripture. ‘’Always  find treasures in a healthy mind and heart!’’

 Love is at the root of all joy and blessings. Money when prudently sought as a necessity for practical living is ‘love money’. Love of money comes with the dark shadow to not be able to see that with it comes the ‘denial of love of money’ along with ‘reasons’ why it isn’t so. Along with the love of money comes the shadow of always being in worry, and not seeing that you can convert it in the love bank called the heart, to all the riches available in the world of blissful godliness. 

Ironically, money is like sex. Good, and more is better, but again where is the love? Move with a heart of love, and let the lust transcend it into a deepening of love. Always be of a meditative mind, and have the courage to explore meditation while letting it be the tool to let go of all holding you back from the real you. Freedom has a ‘price tag’, but it’s not money! ’Giving’ for the benefit of another and from the heart of intent, is not about anything but a deep love of compassion. To be a spiritual billionaire is to be overflowing with the riches from an eternal overflowing of the bank of love that never closes, always open with ever increasing interest. An endless expense account and remember ‘health is wealth’. Keep your cup full so you have more to give others. Let money, like sex and love, be sacred! 


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