Create Your Future!

Create Your Future! 💚
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 August 29, 2019

Selecting the past as a template for your future might be a good thing with a past you’d gladly do over, but if it’s a past that leaves you wishing you had created better results and a ‘you’ that is the best you can imagine – time for a change. Time to question if you are on a treadmill going on a ‘same ole same ole’ journey like a robot, with spikes of emotion that make you remember that you’re a human experiencing the ups and downs that mostly you have created upon yourself. 

Plan for a miracle to happen in your life, but to increase the odds of that miracle happening, stay focused on happiness and positivity! Happiness and positivity are something you decide ahead of time.Get free in the real world, the one inside you. Why make that an illusion like much of the outer world is to the benefit of those in control who depend on you to not question.

My dear friend Tina in Tampa Beach says it so well:

‘’We don’t need to predict the future, we need to create it…..We don’t need to worry about what will happen, we need to make it happen….We don’t need to scowl at our circumstances, we need to smile at our opportunities…..We build too many walls that stop us from getting to the edges. We put up unnecessary boundaries that get in our way because we are stuck. We don’t blow up things that are not working. We are stuck for a reason. We want the new job but we don’t promote ourselves to the people who could help us. We get in our own way over and over. Most people like to follow. They want to be picked and read what the gurus read. They wait for the list to come out to know where to eat, travel and what is cool to buy. Does it always have to be trendy and pre-approved to be any good for us?

I believe God makes leaders in us all..

Taking a look at what you are doing from a different perspective is key. We all need to learn to stop and breathe more to be able to ask the questions that get us closer to creating our future. A year from now, how important would checking all those items off your to do list be for what you want to do?Knowing your purpose will take you only on part of the journey. It takes guts to commit to solving a problem. And you may fail the first few times. But what happens if you don’t try? What’s a big problem you want to tackle in your organization, business or life that you are passionate about solving?However, remember that building a splendid and bright future is not a day’s work; even God didn’t create the world within hours. So think about it, go ahead and start creating your future today; you never know if tomorrow will be too late….We can now distinguish between two types of people who look towards the future. On the one hand, we have those who are shaken by fate, and chance and blame bad luck for their misfortune, versus those who do not complain. They grab the bull by the horns and face forward with hope and strength & Faith in A God who doesn’t disappoint of being able to soon change what they do not like…..

Close the door behind you and look ahead…..If everything seemed to go wrong in your life, the last thing to do is to stay stuck in a phase of permanent dormancy by constantly complaining of your misfortunes. By doing that you’re leaving an open door, which will make other doors unable to open in its place. Think about it, because if that’s  what you want in life, you will never be happy…. Start creating that FUTURE…’’ 

-Tina Mangiardi 

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