Courage or Discourage

Courage or Discourage?


August 14, 2019

To be brave enough from the heart to march into hell for a heavenly cause – from Man of Lamancha. You can achieve what you can conceive! Once you are doing what you want with a passion, a little courage is good, but as I tell people who think it takes courage to do my public free speech displays, I tell them it really doesn’t when you have the passion to be doing what you want. Certainly courage is necessary if and when you have any fear of doing something. Often courage is needed in the beginning of something, then if you have self confidence, things become a joy to do.

When you want something you don’t have, it will take some courage to address it. Doing something that is new may take courage naturally, like parachute jumping. Always one needs to have the courage to face what might hurt someone or have, and to apologize. Needing courage sometimes may be a hint that it’s better to see and examine if it’s something that’s welcoming. Courage shouldn’t replace common sense or intuition without using examination of what it is  that makes you desire a certain outcome.  

The greatest courage is to self examine who you are and why you seek the outer when it takes the most courage to open your heart to love where you are in a total let go.

Spirituality is not a luxury, or something for people who have nothing else to do but sit around and meditate. In fact, it is the lack of spirituality in daily life that is causing the breakdown and destruction of our planet and our civilization. As we restore spirituality we can find methods of working together to create better selves and a better world. Then we can see, looking at our global relationships, that spirituality is an integral part of life.

Throw in the towel to hanging on to what doesn’t help your life. In other worlds, ‘be in a let go’ at all times, and we all forget to do that, but need to remember. Let courage come from the heart and mind of awareness while letting go of fears. Have the courage and humor to face criticism from others as in this ancient quote:

“If a man has reported to you, that a certain person speaks ill of you, do not make any defense to what has been told you: but reply, The man did not know the rest of my faults, for he would not have mentioned these only” – Epictetus

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