Love Off the Rocks

Love Off the Rocks!? 
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 August 16, 2019

Love on the rocks is just love that needs to be stronger. Love of another is really love of yourself foremost. Love on the rocks doesn’t happen with two who are deeply joined into one. Whether a change of togetherness happens or not, it’s always ‘self love’ that is most important. If anyone’s ‘self love’ is strong, that love will keep them, you or I, off the rocks of despair and negativity. 

A deep sadness from a disconnect to a loved one is not on the rocks, but a normal response to ultimately heal you making it an opportunity to a stronger love of yourself.

‘Being on the rocks’ has infinite expressions in life where solutions don’t seem what, how, when or where you can beg, borrow or steal them in unpleasant situations that might be so strong that the road of life has seemingly turned  hopeless as if all light is gone. Darkness always comes with light to show us the way out as the heart relaxes and opens. That way out comes easier for those who have let go of past shrapnel attached  to.

To go into denial, especially while using any of a variety of substances, even belief systems that are clung to, leaving all to ‘god’s will’, not accepting and knowing that it depends on you, are just steps in place or backwards to not knowing yourself. That is common today when it’s just changing the channel that temporarily blocks pain. Shortcuts are denials to mask pain only hiding it rather than accepting ones part in it due to some unawareness, even if seemingly out of your control.

You are the author of the script of your life, if the author is not in awareness and discernment of best steps in life, the river of life takes you wherever it twists and turns aimlessly with little regard for the inner blessings of life. As the saying goes, ‘get a grip’, make that a grip on letting go and letting love in by coming from the heart and not always from the mind. Mind can choose to be the internal enemy or a magnificent friend within. Be grateful for wishing that your suffering had never happened, but if it did happen, it gives you a gift of having compassion for everyone’s suffering. Life has many dimensions. Focus on converting moments of ‘life on the rocks’ to an opportunity to see new openings. Live it with enthusiasm and concern for others and blessings will always flow your way.


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