Struggle with Optimism

Struggle with Optimism?
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 September 3, 2019

A mother with an unborn struggles. The baby has a certain struggle too, and especially both in the birthing. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually each has a struggle. The choice is to accept what is the struggle and make the best of the options to reach flowing with it. Life without struggle would be unimaginably ‘boring’ or a false entitlement with later consequences. Obstacles come in many ways as opportunities to deal them, often not knowing what the opportunities are. In the past week, I was released from connection to my internet provider, and with no explanation or recourse with the provider company. Certainly frustrating as much was lost, some saved. With disadvantage comes new, sometimes unknown advantages or opportunities. Accept and move on while trying to examine why.

Always the opportunity is presented to make a choice on how to deal with challenges, to not or reluctantly accept them or see that they are better dealt with using the best choices available, and that includes from the heart. How we deal with small struggles from childhood on or at least a new beginning  now, will create a new feeling on how to deal with them especially the acceptance that they keep coming. What struggles are a product of our own creation and which seemingly come out of left field. How we choose to ‘skillfully’ deal with them encourages more positive outcomes. Of course, life is an experiment  sometimes where we use what we think is the best way, but later upon examining how we dealt with its challenges, we always need to seek highest spiritual path toward all.

All problems are stuck between ‘mind and matter’. If you don’t ‘mind it don’t matter’. A balance is always best, not over stressing, or on the other hand having no responsibility in dealing with situations that ultimately may come back to haunt you. Accept the thought that you ‘create everything’ that happens to you. Taken with positive understanding with your awareness and discernment when something happens, and the aftermath of how you handle it is key to growth and wisdom. Why let life ‘backfire’ when it could ‘fire up’? Creating unnecessary struggle can be both avoided with intelligent, sensitive choices or when ‘missing the mark’ it’s an opportunity to come to the highest resolution and moving on in appropriate timing.

Remember: The past cannot be changed, but the future can be. No quarrel can spoil a true connection. Build your bridges when you have to, and always cross them with a smile. Don’t make platitudes or excuses to keep derailing life and love! 

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