Beyond Love


August 20, 2019

Up in a plane, suddenly, rough skies and turmoil. Pilots don’t turn back, they just reassure everyone that it’s temporary and all will be fine in moments. Life meets turmoils that needs the positive response whatever the situation. We sometimes put ourselves in a position to achieve a desired accomplishment be it winning a football game, saving someone from drowning  or the ultimate of unleashing the love within from the fears that were the only obstacle is ‘whether the strength within is fired up and unleashed with every ounce of life’s spirit or not’.

Finding that love deep within needs the ultimate sacrifice of letting go of all fears within that are destined to hold you back from that blessing in life because of every excuse under the sun. Like in most all things in life, a ‘resonance’ is needed to create a feeling, sound and any positive outcome. It makes sense to say that ‘positivity resonance’ is love. Nonetheless, I think that is reasonable to think of positivity resonance as  the kind of experience that we perceive as connection with another person. You can think of it as love or as one of  the building blocks of love. Real deep love needs a space beyond belief, faith or trust but a throwing all to the wind of all negatives and fears to a space where there is no return. A jump into the unknown with no guarantees of outcome. Let that parachute be you and another with unbridled positivity that you are each the parachute for each other.

Goals to be met, need no turning back. Love is beyond a goal but life’s highest expression. Love is a mirror. Deepest love is a mirror with absolute positivity meeting itself where the ‘you’ disappear into the illimitable ether of life. Real love has wings that can never be broken like the love that never met itself. The ultimate zone of love is beyond anything but being in it. There is no coming back as you are birthed into a new dimension beyond words. Those who fly the highest are beyond love.

Love happens in a state of not knowing, Love happens in innocence. Love and truth happens where there are no clouds of thoughts moving in your consciousness, when sky is absolutely clear, when there is no abstraction, when you have no idea and God is or God is not. When you don’t believe in no-God, when you are simply in a state of not knowing. You don’t claim any knowledge, that non-claiming consciousness begins to open up. All knowledge burdens and closes you.


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