Idiots Judge

Idiots Judge



August 18, 2019

Your lips to God’s ears! A slip of the tongue to condemn another has no place in conscious communication. “Judge not, lest ye be judged”. In recent years with the use of the internet where many judge you and especially those who ‘initiate the judgment’ out of their imagination because they don’t like something said, moved me to come up with a little different version of ‘personal judgments’, comparing them to ‘verbal sucker punches’ and unprovoked in a judgment of you


On the internet, especially with those you have never met, initiating personal judgments are  very common. Really, it’s a reflection of not loving oneself enough, and a bad habit develops that continues breeding if not taken responsibility for and replaced with a good habit, like never doing it. It’s also a lack of respect. Yes, walking in someone else’s shoes with empathy and compassion, then communication  with love creates yourself as a mirror to get what you put out coming back at you.

Stopping before judging someone, and taking the time to know them, as well as why a judgment should better be replaced by empathy and compassion for their journey that made them vulnerable to judgments is to walk the way of superconsciousness or god’s best shining. Stop and look deeply while ‘seeing what log is in your own eye’ should always be a first step.

Judging or being judged is often hurtful, sometimes lasting for the rest of one’s life. Best to distance yourself from those who are careless with judging you, or even others. Always it’s best to take the high road and realize that the roads we all take did not always deserve the ‘bang of the gavel of judgment’, and yet man often has trouble seeing why another is as they are. By the same token, each has to stay aware of that which may be judged by others as worthy of negative perception with consequences that are not fitting of one’s action. Trust that many can only be trusted to put you in harm’s way. Give to be in return given, but from the heart that expects the giving to be its own return. Love learns to smile appreciating and understanding another’s way of life. Be kind to yourself, and never judge yourself too  harshly. Let judgments from others be an opportunity to examine them for veracity to either let them go or use as an opportunity to grow from them.


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