New Scriptures!

New Scriptures!

August, 5, 2019

Kicking the can down the road is irresponsible, and is coming from apathy and ignorance as well as lack of compassion for the unborn and the young. Is America ‘stoned’ already without smoking weed and guzzling booze? No group is more responsible than the collective Christians. Rightful action is the new scriptures. Enough of memorizing words as if there was a devil, he would be glad that the masses, especially the educated, are smoked out with a false ego that thinks it has nothing to do with them. One person can make a DIFFERENCE, and they who are not attached to making one, as well as examining if you really are making a real contribution. Not knowing how is not acceptable as an excuse, but just ‘kicking the can down the road’.

Running on entertainment and the making of money to do more of it is to avoid the ‘innertainment’ that awaits everyone. Every decade in recent years creates more and more selections for amusements that  defy numbering. This is truly the age of inventions and technological advancements that are often like magnets to attract those looking for their desires to fill down time. 

Seems most everyone has a computer and/or smartphone. Question is how much of either is used for personal or social education and growth that makes you and the world a better place. Floating downstream or hiking down a mountain that others would call a hill that took minutes to ascend and descend is akin to letting life run you, rather than you running life. Real life is in the inner, not the outer that draws endless desires that  only serve the appetites.

Bad habits for inner growth are alway the barrier to ascending to your highest self. Never has there been a better time in life to be the superconscious being that hides within you. Each has the workings within to be a Jesus or Buddha. Reach for the stars, everyone gets the ground, but only the positive visionary can fly to the inner endless heights. Be mindful of bad habits and let them go. Keep moving in the positive, loving way. Blessings come!

To change the focus from negative to positive is to create hope. Our normal conversations and interactions are full of negativity, whether we are aware of this or not. So without our conscious knowledge, we develop a negative approach to life. It is important for anyone to be aware when conversations with others becomes negative you need to make a conscious change to start being more positive, and appreciate what life gives. So much good in my and your life goes unnoticed. When focusing on the positive, it creates an environment of enthusiasm for the future that effects everyone around. Pay attention to the ancient scriptures, but make them ‘new/ by the  action of walking them. The  only permanent thing in life is ‘change’. Be your own pioneer of positive, proactive change!

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