Love Rejection

Love Rejection?
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 August 1, 2019

To want more love and yet to do nothing to nurture it is Oxymoronic as is to make money, but to be lazy and useless. Nothing will happen in either case to make it happen.

Rejection is redirection. ‘No rejection’ can be an indication of avoiding outcomes. Rejection often is a perception that a door has been closed for the direction you wished had been the opposite. Rejection is often not personal, sometimes it’s just timing. Better to be rejected than not being in a position to to not know if it’s going to be rejection.

Rejection is needed as a move that indicates there is a better result upon trying again, perhaps one that  needs a better examination of how to proceed. Where there is a will, there is a way! ”querer es poder’’! If you reject and if you enjoy rejecting, then don’t be afraid of being rejected – because rejection will bring rejection. You get only that which you  give: the world simply echoes you. If people reject you, that simply means that you must be rejecting them. They simply react; they function like a mirror.

Life has infinite circumstances that presents situations that don’t always bring desired results.  It’s wise to question why and seek that better way which is waiting for you to find. Flexibility and the willingness to adjust to find better answers to life’s blocks is to flow with the river to the result rather than parking oneself on the shore doing nothing or closing the mind to a better answer.

Persistent roadblocks to a desired outcome may really be the universe trying to reach you with a new idea to open a door. Complacency and just accepting something that is less than the better way that you ignore is a self rejection. Reharmonize to fit with your intentions to arrive at a better expected outcome which may end up to be even different than what you originally thought best.

Life is a puzzle, or one that we make a puzzle that is instead really an opportunity to discover and grow. ‘No grow’ is to ‘no go’, and reject opportunities that await. Each of us is an opportunity within to see all the positive windows that we can assimilate into our being as well as to inspire others to do the same. Always, moving on in a positive direction is life and love’s enrichment. Life and love is always an opportunity window. Be proactive always moving in the direction desired, especially in finding more compassion and love within. Rejection smooths the way to results if you have faith in the process.

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