Ducking Judgments

✅Ducking Judgments
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July 23, 2019

Living in Portland, Oregon is an experience like in no other city, where ‘weird’ is normal. To not roll your inner eyes at least when a bearded guy in high heels, purple scraggly long hair, blacktop hat, face with tattoos, pushing a stroller with a plastic doll inside, mumbling to himself, etc., strolling by my display of free speech, it does seem permissible to have then to swallow some judgment! Silent judgment in the mind might be a little better than a vocal one.

Being fearful of how others judge you for whatever reason is an unnecessary self criticism to only pile on negativity instead of what one really needs to focus on in rising above the fray. How one interprets another’s judgment must be filtered through seeing what’s behind their negative inner programming to not see the more compassionate view and opinion. Every story has many sides open to many interpretations. What seems to be, is not necessarily the reality. It’s wiser to put the kibosh on negative  judgements, particularly those initiated by another on you. An initiated judgment is like striking a match to cause a forest fire that creates a reaction/response to neutralize it, or often a wind to spread it.

Each person has either placed himself on a path they thought best, or possibly one they didn’t consciously choose but was circumstantially found to be an inheritor of, from vast riches or one who lost all possessions and connections to family (if they had one). We all are like souls drifting in space, invisible to that which isn’t giving love be it from a closed heart to god or most importantly to ourselves.

Everywhere, seemingly hidden and invisible, are opportunities of giving to you with little judgment for those who have fallen in life. One has to be open to receive and seek with awareness and discernment while leaving self judgment behind and shrugging off the erroneous judgment of others who have not arrived yet at the gates of light. By judging another they are really judging themselves. Always step into the best of choices and those choices will smile. Life has its mysteries, but always with them are the keys to blessings. Nothing binds you except your thoughts. Nothing limits you except your fear & poor choices. Nothing controls you except your beliefs. Everything positive is within you.

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