Strong Minds

Strong Minds?
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 July 19, 2019

Where there is a will, there is a way. In Spanish – Quere es poder! Always a strong, open heart feeds a positive mind set. Strong minds are weak without the deep heart connection. Strong minds have the ability to always take the positive, sensible road, and avoid the mundane ‘street talk’ that has little to do with the qualities of living life more consciously. Strong minds are minds that repaired the negative issues that plague one’s daily interactions and self attitude. Strong minds are above the use of substance abuses that are so prevalent at this time. Strong minds know they are vulnerable people who take nothing for granted and accept their weaknesses. 

Strong minds have strong healthy egos and a sense of self worth. Strong minds look at adversity in a way that best deals with them in a positive manner realizing that watchful patience is often a virtue. The answers are always in how to deal with everything both in enjoyment or in all aspects  that life presents. The strong look deep into themselves to ask, ‘what would god do’? 

The beauties of yesterday’s will always be with you as a present now and here. Be gentle on your soul for within it is the love that will guide you wherever you go. Let go of the storms as you ride them through, for the rainbows are waiting before the skies of your life clear once again letting  the sun of god gently warm today’s journey.There is no end, and the beginning hasn’t started … not just yet. Smile and move on with knowing you are being watched over by the love of those who were and always are with you. Be strong but vulnerable!

Much magic in life will always be opening new doors, but forever with the memories that have created the scents of love, happiness, and blessings. Love may seem invisible, but will always remain invincible as you sweep away what needs to be let go of for the rays of love to blossom. It is always Spring within as the heart opens to let it in. Cherish the moment and never forget to be grateful for the wonderful memories that make you the blessed one you are. You are touched by an angel to awaken you to the experience that you too are an angel.

For the rainbows to come, the rains and storms must always be a reminder that the wonders of life are but a breath away. Keep open, stay strong, and see the love in the light that is coming beyond each cloud from where angels bestow the love.


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