Danke schön’

Danke schön’
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 May 18, 2019

‘Danke schön’ is German for ‘thank you very much’. Thank you for all the joy and pain. Thank you for the memories for they all make us what we are today. Who could have guessed where we are today let alone where we will be tomorrow. Life is a mystery, some of it is going separate ways from the past that will never come again, but it’s always ‘be kind to yourself and be in thankfulness’ that it’s a new day and a new dawn with a new beginning.

Where ever you go, chances are you will be the same inside. Always, through thick and thin it’s good to know how to ‘self sooth’. Each of our inner world’s need be given special attention to avoid being closeted by the misinterpretation of giving away our personal power to others needing their validation, approval and respect. The real secrets of life are always hidden in plain sight and feeling to the open heart.

Waking up every morning is a good time to thank god or the universal mothering energy to light your fire of life with a fresh starts everyday. The script for your day is never the same and often includes opportunities to find solutions to dilemmas or to appreciate in thankfulness for the blessings that came  your way. 

 Later in the afternoon a censorship story: ( strange coincidence I’m writing on ‘Thank you’)

Every day I do my free speech display in downtown, Portland, Or. Today was another great day with the normal few thank you’s of passerby’s. But not all thank you’s are accepted. Each late morning I walk 1/2 block to the donut shop. Always like clockwork saying no more than 10 words, the last being ‘thank you’. This morning, before I could even make my selection the young guy behind the counter said I couldn’t be served anymore, I smiled taking it as a joke as he came around the display to escort me out in my disbelief saying he would call police! Outside I gave him 3 choice words and walked on in disbelief as I’ve never even been arrested let alone for no reason asked to leave a place of business.

I relay the story a few minutes later to a new friend Erika and she offered to go there and get a couple of donuts and find out ‘why’. She told me that immediately when she walked in she had seem the 30 yr. old female manager looking at my boards critically a few minutes earlier. An hour later a friend came by, heard the story and went over to the donut shop and confirmed that it had to do with my free speech writings. So, between the two, I gave a lot of thank you’s and my guy friend suggested he and I both put a review in on the donate shop. End of story. 

Always look to seek the best response to a challenging situation. In this case, I have a funny story to tell about being escorted out of a donut shop like people are currently being censored on Facebook and other social mediums for having a ‘different opinion’. Of course doing what I do, I expect a negative response once in a while and that’s ok, but being censored from a donut shop is a story for the ages. With all the censorship talk in the media, it seems people out to get along and say Danke Schön for all of our freedoms in America and stand up for the blessing!


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  1. The story is funny, Arhata. The 3 choice words you gave to the donut shopkeeper must have been “Sehr Danke Schön”. That guy has inadvertently taken care of your health by preventing you from those donuts, beeing in no way a healthy food. “The real secrets of life are always hidden in plain sight…”, Arhata said. Thanks to your display boards, indeed, from which the whole story came about.

  2. Danke Schön! Banned from the donut shop due to my free speech. That will always be a story to tell, and there are many. Yesterday a friend from Port Townsend where I displayed for 10 years, even after 42 of my boards and 9 tables were stolen and thrown into the bay one dark night, found and sent a photo of one of the boards that an old man had who he is caregiving, had.
    Two weeks after it happened in 2014, one had washed up and the photo of it was put in the local newspaper. So this is the 2nd one! An ongoing story for sure as to who did the free speech destruction…

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