Religion is Division

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 May 22, 2019

It’s not a good idea to ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’ which is an idiomatic expression for an avoidable error in which something good is eliminated when trying to get rid of something bad, or in other words, rejecting the favorable along with the unfavorable. However, hanging on to what is perceived as a ‘life line’, but has a weak self commitment of faith to is like playing the lotto and spending the money ahead of time. Religion is a very good thing for individuals and society at this time, but still inspires many of the folks to be just ‘hanging on’, as well as having many leaders who have relegated themselves to ‘holy salesmen’. 

Religion is like a mountain, but never let a mountain stand in the way of the journey of ‘love of self’. In another way the mountain is symbolic of reaching the top, step by step. Those who reached the top the easy way by helicopter have learned little. Mountains, or apathetic use of religion can be a barrier and obstruction ‘within’ that keeps one from seeing the light of gods  answers always waiting. The valleys are where life and love grow best. A stream provides the water of life. Streams don’t climb mountains but come to nurture you from the mountains. 


Always seek the blessings of what best feeds the harmonies hidden in plain site. To move a mountain, seek what the mountain has to give without having to reach the top. Let mountains give rather than take. The sun of god in the valley has more to give for nurturing than the cold climb of mountains. 

The impossible is possible when seen that life and love are always right there in front of you, and within. A ‘finder’ never has to seek, but sees the answers within. All roads of human behavior and experience come to the endless road of love. Love is bantered around from songs to infinite personal experiences. Those experiencing the deepest love possible within have found the valleys and mountaintop both across the land and the seas of the godly blessings that are behind every moment. Jesus wouldn’t become a Christian be he in the flesh or spirit, but he would certainly approve of you finding the love deep within.

The secret of life is love. Love is beyond words and description, but the elixir that gives and gives to illuminate each who have arrived at letting go of all negative barriers. Empty the mind,  and breath in the life force to fill your heart with love of the divine Giver. Let love be your religion! Take a new direction of devotion into deep self love.


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  1. It’s not true that ‘Religion is a very good thing for individuals and society at this time’. As long as man prefers to sleep rather than to be awake, to be enslaved rather than to be free, to believe rather than to know, to divide humans between saints and sinners rather than to unite as equal beings, to preach old dead lies rather than to experience life from moment to moment, to pray/beg as beggars rather than to meditate in bliss, any organised religion will be a very bad thing for individuals and society. Some day the rusty chains of all false religions will be dropped like the old skin is shed by snakes.
    Note: Snakes shed their skin to allow for further growth and to remove parasites that may have attached to their old skin.

  2. HI JIVAN,
    My thinking mirrors yours, however looking deeper because of circumstances falling before me, I no longer regard the Christian religion as ‘throw away’. I now tell folks either do serious meditation or go to church, but don’t just drift with bad habits.
    The Church is a safety net. It’s a lot easier to talk someone into going to church then to seriously meditate. Being on some path of positivity and inner growth is better than drifting with little regard for evolution of inner qualities.

  3. Let folks drift with bad habits if it’s their choice. There is no safety in this life, only a net(work). Another bondage, but yes, easier to talk into. Do you really mean it, Arhata? Is safety above freedom? For what?

  4. People have a choice to live with bad habits as most do. For those seeking the love of self, not a good idea. Safety works until it doesn’t. Very relative. There is and there isn’t. With awareness, it good to reach beyond what’s just comfortable and safe. Safe is often not safe

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