C’est la vie

C‘est la vie ?

 May 15, 2019

What ever will be will be – Que Sera Sera, the future’s not ours to see. What lies ahead? Will we have rainbows day after day or will we have clouds and thunderstorms day after day? Life is a bed of roses, but watch out for the thorns. Life is always an unfinished script moment to moment and day to day. Do not get too transfixed on thinking you’ve got it all figured out. Je n’ai aucune revanche par rapport à qui que ce soit. Des choses se sont passées, mais c’est la vie. [I have no bad feelings for anyone. Things have happened, but that’s life.].

What ever will be, will be. Life is a mystery. Why are we here and not there, or ‘just why’? Take what’s been given and make the best of it. Shit happens, make the best of it – so it goes, and such is life. WE are in control and yet we are controlled in ways beyond our abilities to change that. The best that can be done is to always make the better or best choices. The more self love and awareness we have, the better the choices that present themselves in our mind. 

 Stop the world and realize you’re at a better starting position for the near distant future than when you came into the world. The future is now and is open wide. There is nothing you can’t do that you have capabilities to do, are at whatever age you are. Melt with your potential and move on from the past with a whole new perspective. Now is almost too late, but if you can envision it, it’s just the beginning! Have a ‘schadenfreude’ moment and have enjoyment from anything that troubled you in the past.

Maybe the world/god is saying, ‘I need you now more than ever, please wake up and help me before life can’t help you anymore. Maybe ‘god’ is saying, ‘I’ve given you free will, but I need you badly now to take this great MOMENT in all of time to keep what’s taken millions of years to grow, but humans are on the verge of destroying ‘you and you’, and are on the edge of destruction, or evolution. Millions of years have gone into creating this moment, and in the blink of an eye it could all turn to dust. We all need each other’s help now. Find a way to be that help. Save life!! No time for the ‘C’est la vie or que sera sera’! Time to ‘kick ass’, or at least move in a new, more positive direction. Always, part of that direction is the be mindful of opening your heart! The best is yet to come!

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