Shame Blame Game

Shame Blame Game?

 May 4, 2019

Blame is too often a game where no one wins. The ‘blame game’ drains self responsibility. However, some people are ‘blame creators’. Question is, do you have to involve yourself in their game that creates your justified blame? That’s open to choosing the best alternative be it from ‘letting it go’ to facing it in the best conscious way. Blaming others or anything, including yourself can be a habit that needs replacing with a better habit. 

When it comes to an action undesired by another, it’s always better not only to see their side, but to look deeply into who they are and why their past influences things they do which evoke reasons to blame them. Understanding others can be a means to see yourself deeper. To deeply see yourself is to realize that at least a small part of you is like everyone else for good or bad, but just because you are you, a choice is always to be your best side or what is the worst in everyone.

Blame is often a diversion from the truth. When you love yourself, blame becomes a different quality.  Blaming can certainly be a coverup if we can’t let go of seeing who really is to blame besides the ‘me’. Blame needs be like a leaf blowing in the wind that moves on quickly. Being stuck on ‘blame’ needs a reflection in the most positive light to see if there is something to learn from, and then move on into the light. In love, ‘blame’ is just a word. Love is the real healer.

Always forgive blaming others or even yourself. The deeper your self love, the softer is the blame, and really the ‘blame game’ dissolves into seeing things in their best light. Blames become opportunities for understanding and compassion. Move beyond ‘the blame’ into solutions and with a positive, sensitive acceptance. Things or situations that evoke a sense of wanting to blame yourself or someone is a great opportunity to look for another way of looking at things. 

Love is always the answer, and if it seems a far away feeling, take time out to seek a quiet place, closing your eyes, and just watching your breath. You may need to breath deep. Slowly breathing up, then releasing slowly. Always be the watcher and not judging thoughts that may enter. A few minutes will be good, but be open to those experiences lasting from minutes to a half hour or more.

Love is not about who you can see spending your future with, it’s about who you can’t see spending your life without; and let that first love be ‘you’! If you love yourself, someone else who loves themselves will become someone special in your life. Life is a game for everyone but love is the prize.



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