Love is a Fantacy

Love is a Fantasy?
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(This is Tina Louise, who after years of separation from our romance, we now connect daily from Tampa to here)
 April 28, 2019

Blowing bubbles is a thing of beauty, then pop! Once upon a time an angel visited me riding an invisible horse with no name. As she smiled, she blew angel dust into the air around me that filled everything with magic, turning the world into a ‘fairy tale’, if I surrendered to the new truth. Slowly the transformation happened and opened the mind to a new world of pursuing my own imaginations leaving behind being a player in someone else’s dream that was only smoke in the eyes of promises of riches.

Imagination is a powerful force that will conform to someone else’s imagination on a train to the land of clouds, astray from following any imagination instead becoming a marcher into a world lost from the real you into the land of marching robots. Along life’s many ways and roads, are roads that move into the deep, dark forest of no return where seeing and following the light, dimming illusionary dreams that turn into the dust of nowhere. 

Life is choices that are too often made for you to follow. Life is a trickster for the unaware that will take you where you want to go even when you lose sight of the way you intended. On the  road to riches and fame are checkpoints to stop and look at if you are really wanting to be on  the path that the outer you is becoming consumed by, or on a pathless path that defies what is suppose to be away from the crowds of marching into step. The higher inner you seeks that above the train of conformity, instead reaching to the riches within. 

Living as a beggar in fancy clothes for empty promises of happiness ever after is going down a road into the dark forest of missing lost souls looking for the comfort of others in the same predicament. One day in running against the wind, you hopefully will see that you have become a stranger to yourself. What to do as you see you are older one day, but still running against the wind. Life is filled with ‘checkpoints’ where you can stop voluntarily or by life’s choice, and hopefully seeing where you are going. 

Life can leave you with little satisfaction when you are attached to the carrot of elusive material dreams. The real satisfaction is to live in the simple bliss and joy from the blessings all around in the light out of the forest where the sun never shines. Love is like a bubble blowing in the wind unless anchored in it’s deep nest of a filled heart with with godly energy called love of who you really are. Be best friends on the alter of love ‘with love’.


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