God The Mother

God The Mother?

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May 9, 2019

God the Father needs to share that throne with a woman. In fact, since the Christian ‘trinity’ is all male of ‘father, son, and holy ghost” (assuming the holy ghost is male of course) it’s time to reorganize.  Maybe mother, daughter, and holy ghost, or maybe, ‘mother, father, and the third person or holy ghost should mean family? Times have changed, and the value of the female has risen in developed societies to be equal, although different, than the male. Old Testament writers referred to God as having the qualities of male and female. Life is yin and yang together.

It’s time to realize that ancient cultures had some values that differed with today’s interpretation. You can’t go on thinking nothings wrong about ‘holy books’. Maybe they are just not up to date with word meaning, and besides all words have subjective feelings to each being. The moon may be the same moon to most, but how about the astronauts who were there, or the blind person who never saw the moon, or the couple who fell in love over a full moon night. 

  It’s not irreverent to refuse to use ‘god the father’, and replace it with mother. Man in a sense has become irrelevant anyway with the advent of male sperm donors whose sperm is stored at a ‘sperm bank’ for injection into a woman’s reproductive organs. Perhaps ‘God the Father’ is irrelevant? Maybe with the rise of the blooming of female energy and equality another perspective is a ‘self realization that the god in each of us is to recognize both male and female within.

Man is not god in ruins. God is in the making, on the way. God energy blossoms with love and positivity which is a quality of self realization. Those of purity have godliness reverberating within them. Nurturing that ‘godliness’ is to be in awareness and discernment of life’s best choices as a reverence and benediction for the blessedness of being here as you. Getting entangled in words is to miss the beauty of the pulchritudinous of the illimitableness of life’s wonders.

God the Father was regarded in centuries past as the protector. Today, at least in more ‘so called advanced’ societies people need to grow rather than wait on a father in the sky. That protection needs to leave those who need to grow dependent on themselves. God is the unseen energy all around that reaches out to assist those who harmoniously position themselves with love and positivity, and yet to be all seeing and giving indiscriminately. The sky is out there and also within you, especially with an open  heart and awareness. You are a part of Godness! Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.


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