Pot Stunts Emotions

Pot Stunts Emotions ⭐️

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 April 21, 2019

Spiritually speaking, is there any better way to rise in consciousness than a pleasant puff on a good smoke? Some call it cannabis, marijuana, weed, or just simply pot. Stores called dispensaries are becoming as popular as churches, mosques, and temples. Some have called it the new religion experience where you can take it with you wherever you go … except businesses, churches, government property, police station, jails, prisons, airplanes, schools, hospitals, meditation and yoga centers, etc. A glass of water or a soda in any of these places will not meet with objection.

Where respectable can you do anything to get high? Mostly no where, unless it’s a natural high! There is no disapproval using the best way to get high and clear the mind and heart anywhere. The secret to get ‘high’ and more conscious is ‘air’, or better known as ‘breathing’ especially deep breath, bringing in an energy of the greatest natural high called ‘love’! That breathing is done in a variety of methods called ‘meditating’ or meditation. If not meditation, try Jesus … or do both! 

Many stimulants ingested other than air, be it a plant in some altered form or a synthetic substitute may have temporary advantages for assisting a ‘feel good’ psychological or physical dilemma, however wrong use as in ‘too much’, including consistent use, will have adverse effects. One serious  effect is altering your personality in what will appear to be artificial to someone ‘clear headed’. That altering of the ‘outer you’, when done over time, blocks access to who you really are beyond the unresolved ‘issues’ that have damaged your abilities to respond to many situations with a clear head and positivity. 

We are both mental, emotional, and spiritual beings. I’ve encountered many from all states of being including those with higher intellects who use some altering substance to bypass ‘issues’ that they want to ‘go away’ at their will using alcohol, cannabis, or anyone of many ‘stimulants’. Mind can’t heal many inner issues. Use of any ‘stimulants’, especially on a consistent basis, will bury negatives such as angers and fears that can only be let go by facing them ‘head on’ naturally rather than covering them up. Like a plant that is fed too much of any liquid other than just water, it will stunt its growth.

All drugs, unchecked for best usage, will serve as a block to the most important thing that everyone needs, that is self love or a deep love of the inner self waiting for nurturing to grow. Why stunt all forms of growth for an immediate momentary boost that doesn’t last long when there are ways that have proven, enduring benefits?

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